Surfside 6 (1960-62)

surfside 6

Looks like Warner Brothers was running out of ideas to come up with for another detective show. Three so-called hip guys are detectives working out of a houseboat in Miami Beach. Van Williams is Ken Madison, Troy Donahue is Sandy Winfield II and Lee Patterson is Dave Thorne. The girl they like to chase is Cha Cha O’Brien played by Margarita Sierra. She’s an entertainer in the Boom Boom Room of the Fountainebleau Hotel.

December 4,1961 episode: “Prescription For Panic” w/Kathleen Crowley and Allison Hayes – Frankie Merrill orders a hit. The show is underway. Joe, a waiter at the hotel asks Sandy to look into why his brother-in-law Herman was gunned down.

The investigation leads to Herman’s psychiatrist Dr.Leslie Halliday (Kathleen Crowley). Of course Sandy is shocked to find out Leslie is a girl…and whatta girl! She’s cold towards him and refuses to say anything about her patient. He tells her Herman was murdered and she realizes it was at the end of her street.

Later that day she calls Sandy and they go to the Boom Boom Room. Cha Cha sings :”Beir Meir Bist Du Schoen.” Sandy tries to lay on the charm and even a lip lock outside her place. You just know the dialogue was written in crayon. Fun’s over when someone fires a shot at Leslie.

Sandy’s cop pal Lt.Gene Plehn (Richard Grant) fills him in. Frankie Merrill is a bookie from out of town and is trying to muscle in on the local boys. He’s even brought to torpedos with him.

Leslie gets a call from a patient named Matt Spivic.He’s being hidden out by his girlfriend Lotta (Allison Hayes). Matt has to hang up fast as the hit team is at the door. He ducks out the window.

Turns out Herman was shot by mistake, Leslie was seeing Matt at her home instead of the office. Matt had an appointment but cancelled so Herman ended up with the appointment and being plugged by mistake. This isn’t the smartest hit team out there. Then again you’ve got to give them a break. It was dark and they’re new in town.

Leslie finally tells Sandy what Herman and Matt were seeing her about. Sandy goes to the club where Lotta is a dancer. He pretends to be Leslie’s jealous boyfriend and tells her to warn Matt to leave her alone. She falls for it and that allows Sandy to follow her home where he meets up with Matt.

He fesses up about his false story and finally convinces Matt to go to the cops. Leslie is stashed in a hotel room for her own safety. Sandy and Matt go to Leslie’s room and they’re ready to head to the police station. Thanks to an innocent but dumb move from Leslie the trio is now on the run.

They hide out in Cha Cha’s dressing room while the hit team runs around all confused. Now Sandy gets a brainstorm and things really get stupid.  Cha Cha gets Leslie ready to go on stage. Kathleen Crowley looks great but the act is so bad and so stupid…just like the show.

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