Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster (1965)

frankenstein meets the space monster 1965

Anyone who likes movies from the so bad it’s good group don’t miss this one.  Everything is bad, writing, acting, storyline, soundtrack etc. Two songs by The Distant Cousins and The Poets try and get a Beatlesque feel and end up embarrassing themselves.

Mars has been destroyed by an atomic war so the few survivors head towards Earth to get some breeding stock. Along for the ride for no reason at all is a space monster named Mull. Running the show is Princess Marcuzan (Marilyn Hanold) and Dr.Nadir (Lou Cutell). They knock a U.S.launch out of the sky but no one seems to notice.

Time to go to Mars. Taking the ship to the red planet is a volunteer nobody ever heard of. He’s Colonel Frank Saunders (Robert Reilly). At a press conference he freezes,. When the press is offered free drinks they can’t get out of there fast enough and forget about Frank.

Turns out Frank is a robot created by Dr.Adam Steele (James Karen). He’s assisted by Karen Grant. He makes a few adjustments in Frank’s head and then it’s off to space. The aliens fire at the rocket and destroy it. Frank manages to parachute out and land in Puerto Rico. The aliens go after him.

One of the aliens catches up to him, fires his lasar gun and fries half of Frank’s face. He’s no longer a congenial robot and knocks the alien out. Frank runs off and the alien is taken back to the ship. The Princess says he’s a failure and he’s tossed to Mull as an example of the others to shoot straight.

Frank is violent and kills a couple people. He’s now Frankenstein. Meanwhile the aliens capture a girl in a polka dot bikini. The Princess approves and wants more like her. Her crew invade a pool party and grab eight more.

Steele and Karen find Frank hiding in a cave. While Steele works on him he sends Karen to get help from the general. Of course she gets captured and taken onto the ship. Steele and Frank discover Karen’s motor bike near the ship. Steele says he’ll get help and tells Frank to stand guard. He’s a lousy guard and soon joins the captured Earth girls.

Having had enough it’s time to call the military and scramble the jets. Yes..this movie keeps getting worse and that’s why you have to see it.

Dr.Nadir-Princess Marcuzan

Dr.Nadir-Princess Marcuzan


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