George And The Dragon (1966-68)

george and the dragon

Entertaining show with Sid James as a chauffeur.handyman and Peggy Mount as a housekeeper/cook. They work for Colonel Maynard (John Le Mesurier). Keith Marsh is Ralph the gardener.

Opening episode:November 19,1966 – “George Meets The Dragon” – George Russell has chased sixteen housekeepers out of Colonel Maynard’s He just can’t keep his hands to himself. Now that there’s another vacancy and he tries to set up the sexy Gloria as the next one. He says she’s his cousin.

Gabrielle Dragon has just quit her job in a restaurant. The owner can’t stop pinching her sizable behind. The Colonel sends George to the domestic agency to get another hire. He tells Ralph he really wants someone George can keeps his hands off.

Downtown George gets in a cab and doesn’t notice Gabrielle is already there. She manages to make him pay for the cab and she gets out at the domestic agency. Inside she’s telling the man her references.  George barges in and makes a quick request for a housekeeper and runs out. The man thinks he has the perfect person for the Colonel.

Back home George catches Ralph with the Colonel’s booze. Then the doorbell rings. Ralph answers. It’s Gabrielle. She mistakes him for the Colonel.  George tells Ralph to fire her since she still thinks he’s the boss. He can’t do it.

Another ring of the bell. It’s Gloria. Now everyone is running around from room to room. The Colonel comes home and they all just miss meeting each other. Ralph suggested to George that he make a pass at Gabrielle. He reluctantly agrees. He works himself up to it. She says she’s staying and will try not to be so provocative.

Throughout the series their relationship is good for a lot of laughs. The two personally liked each other and worked well together to make this is a very funny and entertaining show.

Peggy Mount-Sid James

Peggy Mount-Sid James

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