She’s Dangerous (1937)

she's dangerous 1937

Cesar Romero is good as a villain but the movie is marred by the character played by Walter Brennan. He’s over the top annoying. Franklin Pangborn has a quick bit as the owner of an exclusive dress shop.

A man collapses at an investment firm while a half million dollars in bonds is being delivered. An ambulance shows up to take him to the hospital. It’s all a scam put together by Nick Sheldon (Cesar Romero). No one is caught and Nick sets himself up as a Wall Street heavy in order to milk the Park Avenue crowd.

One night in a club he’s recognized by a woman who knew him under a different name. She sits at a table with him and then he’s distracted by Stefanie Duval (Tala Birell) who walks in and bumps into a woman wearing a mink at the bar. She has a seat next to a customer (Grady Sutton).

He’s all nervous as she strikes up a conversation with him. He’s drunk and thinks she’s a real Princess. She ends up slapping him and he doesn’t have a clue why. Nick comes over and slugs him. Despite the objections of gang member Herman (Warren Hymer) who also acts as his chauffeur,  Nick takes her back to his place.

He spots a diamond brooch in her shoe. She stole it from the woman at the bar. He thinks she’s a clever operator and eventually makes her part of the gang. Herman is very suspicious of her but Nick doesn’t want to hear it. A telegram comes in setting up a meet to get the money for the stolen bonds.

Stefanie says she wants to go to the beauty parlor since they’re taking a trip to Denver followed by a trip to Canada. Herman looks out the window and spots her getting into a cab. Nick follows her to the office of Charles Fitzgerald (Jonathan Hale). He’s a P.I. who brought her over from Europe to get Nick and his gang. She’s experienced in espionage work and no one knows anything about her.

Fitzgerald has a letter explaining that she’s in his employ and it has her picture attached in case there’s any trouble. She leaves and Nick walks in. He kills Fitzgerald and grabs the letter. Her picture falls on the carpet.

Nick, Stefanie and Herman go to the airport and Herman goes to get some food before they take off. He grabs a paper from a customer when he sees the headline about Stefanie wanted for Fitzgerald’s murder. Her picture was found next to the body. In the plane Nick tells her he knows she’s a cop. Herman is the pilot and they take off.

The gas line clogs and they crash in a mountainous area and wake up in a cabin where Dr.Scott Logan (Walter Pigeon) is on vacation. With him is his eccentric cook Ote (Walter Brennan). Stefanie is in trouble as the letter from Fitzgerald burned during the crash.

Scott and Stefanie fall for each other and she tells him her story. A jealous Nick wants to kill him so they can leave for Canada. Ote has a surprise for him. After that Nick and Stefanie are both on trial for Fitzgerald’s murder. Her lawyer is Franklin Webb (Stanley “The Old Ranger” Andrews).

The ending can be seen a few miles away and is stretched as far as they can take it.

Tala Birell

Tala Birell


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