Let’s Make Music (1941)

let's make music 1941

Feel good fluff piece about a sixty year old school teacher who writes a high school fight song that becomes a big hit with the Bob Crosby Orchestra. Of course the movie features Bob and the orchestra along with his singing group The Bob-O-Links and the dixieland group The Bobcats. It’s a no brainer that Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc will show up for “Big Noise From Winnetka.”

In a small town high school music teacher Malvina Adams’ (Elisabeth Risdon) music classes are only drawing a few bored students. They’re tried of Classical and are into Swing. Principal Mr.Stevens wants her to try and come up with some ideas to attract more students.

Malvina has written a song called “Fight On For Newton High” and sings it for the band. Everyone hates it and thinks it’s too corny. Her niece Abby (Jean Rogers) sends it to some New York song publishers. Bob Crosby and his arranger Joe Bellah (Joseph Buloff) are in the office of publisher Mr.Botts. Bob pulls out Malvina’s song and thinks he can do something with it.

Bob and Joe travel to Newton to talk with Malvina. Abby rejects the idea of her going to New York but finally agrees to two weeks. Once there Abby drags her to tourist spots that bore Malvina. She wants to go to the Carlton Hotel where Bob is playing. He tried out the song and really likes it.

In their hotel room Malvina complains of indigestion and tells Abby she’s going to the drug store. She heads right for the Carlton and Bob puts her on the bandstand to sing her song.  Abby is concerned that Malvina hasn’t come back after several hours. She’s about to head for the police station when a drunk in the lobby turns on the radio. She hears Malvina. Abby heads for the Carlton.

It’s rough going for a while as Abby thinks she’s making a fool of herself but eventually comes around as Bob throws on the charm. Malvina is a big hit. But after a while the novelty is wearing off and record sales are slipping. Someone has to tell Malvina that a two week engagement has been shortened to a week. It’s takes time for someone to finally tell her.

She’s determined not to be a one hit wonder and tries writing more songs. Every publisher in the phone book turns her down. She doesn’t know it but Bob reworks one of the songs and she has another hit on her hands. Of course she’s not fooled. Can you see the happy ending coming?




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