I Was A Teenage Werewolf (1957)

i was a teenage werewolf 1957

Acting by Michael Landon and Barney Phillips save this from being the laughfest the title suggests. Credit also goes to Whit Bissell for not hamming it up despite some of the lines he has to deliver.

Tony Rivers (Michael Landon) is a troubled teenager. Detective Donovan (Barney Phillips) tries to get him to see psychiatrist Dr.Alfred Brandon (Whit Bissell). He uses hypnosis and Donovan thinks he may be able to help Tony get to the root of his emotional problems. Of course he resists.

Tony argues with his girlfriend Arlene (Yvonne Lime), his father who wants him to try conforming, Arlene’s father and anyone else who crosses his path. He takes Arlene to a Halloween party at an abandoned house he found. This is the usual inaccurate 1950’s movie scene where the music is way off from what teens were listening to.

The “kids” enjoyed playing tricks on each other. Vic (Ken Miller) sings a corny song. Later he blows a trumpet into Tony’s ear as a joke. Tony decks him and shoves Arlene. Tony’s next stop is Dr.Brandon.

Brandon wants to use Tony as a guinea pig in his regression experiments. His assistant Dr.Hugo Wagner objects but, Brandon’s the boss. He keeps taking Tony back in time and even tries to get him to remember what it was like at the dawn of mankind hunting through the woods.

After another party one of the “kids” named Frank says he’ll take a short cut through the woods to get home. He hears something following him. He finally sees it. He won’t have to worry about going to college.

Chief Baker and Donovan along with Officer Chris Stanley (Guy Williams) are looking at pictures of Frank’s body. Donovan says it looks like something with fangs killed him. Baker tells Chris to lock up the pictures before anyone else sees them. Pepe the janitor asks to take a look. Chris shows him. Pepe says it’s the work of a werewolf.

Tony’s life is getting better. He’s called into principal Ferguson’s office. She has a good report on him from Brandon and she says if he keeps going in the right direction she’ll recommend him to State College.

A happy Tony walks down the hall and passes the gym where Teresa is rehearsing routines. He watches her until the bell rings in his ear. Now he changes into a werewolf. Goodbye Teresa. Her screams bring out the principal and a bunch of students. They all freak looking at the face and all recognize the jacket Tony’s wearing.

Baker wants the media to back off but they interview as many people as they can. Meanwhile Tony is running through the woods as the hunt is on. There’s only one place for him to go.

A lot of people avoided this because of the dumb title but then changed their minds when they finally watched it. It’s not great but it shows what can happen when the cast stays professional despite some head shaking dialogue.

Landon was twenty-one when he made this. Yvonne Lime and most of the other “kids” were twenty-two.

Little Werewolf On The Prairie

Little Werewolf On The Prairie


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