The Elgin Hour (1954-55)

Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff

Dramatic anthology series sponsored by Elgin watches.

February 22,1955 episode: “Sting Of Death” w/Boris Karloff and Hermoine Gingold – Based on the classic horror novel by Gerald Heard using the name H.F.Heard.

Mycroft Holmes (Boris Karloff) lives in the English countryside. One day bees kill his dog. Professor Silchester (Robert Flemying) rents a cottage for his summer vacation. His housekeeper is Alice (Hermoine Gingold). He has a real taste for honey and is obsessed with getting a supply.

Beekeepers in the area have been going out of business and their bees die off. One man is left. He’s Mr.Hargrove (Martyn Green). Silchester goes to his farm and hears a loud argument going on inside between Hargrove and his wife. Silchester keeps ringing the bell and an irate Hargrove comes out. Silchester buys a few weeks supply.

As he’s returning home he’s stopped by Mr.Mycroft. He tells Silchester that Hargrove is breeding killer bees that have been destroying other bees in the area then his dog. He shows Silchester through a magnifying glass that the bees he took from his dog have huge stingers. Maybe humans are next. Silchester’s not buying it. Later Alice tells Silchester that Hargrove’s wife was stung to death.

A few weeks go by and Silchester is out of honey. He goes to see Hargrove for more. He hears a jar smash and sees that Hargrove has cut his finger. Silchester gets a bottle of disinfectant from the medicine cabinet and puts some on Hargrove’s finger.

When he gets home bees are all over the place. He gets stung and passes out. When he comes to Mycroft is there with a smoke gun. He tells him the disinfectant is actually a substance that attracts Hargrove’s killer bees.

The two go back to Hargrove’s and Mycroft manages to make off with a sample of the formula. The bees have another target.

This isn’t too bad. Karloff is his usual quality self. Flemying gets on your nerves quickly. Then again that’s the part he’s playing but he’s still very annoying.




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