Sign Of The Wolf (1941)

sign of the wolf 1941

Based somewhat on the Jack London 1908 story, “That Spot.” Alsatian Shepherds Smokey and Shadow get starring roles in a story about evil fox fur poachers, a little kid who loves dogs and an attraction between Mantan Moreland and Louise Beavers.

Judy Weston (Grace Bradley) along with her employee Ben (Mantan Moreland)  bring her dogs Smokey and Shadow to a prestigious show to try and get some ribbons. The two dogs rivalry gets them disqualified. She sells Shadow to another breeder and she and Ben go to her plane to return home. She doesn’t know that Ben snuck Shadow on board.

She flies through a thunderstorm and can’t get above it. She finally discovers that Shadow is with them. She can’t do anything about that now. The plane crashes knocking out Judy and Ben. The dogs leave to look around.

Shadow makes it to a fox farm and convinces humans Rod Freeman (Michael Whalen) and his young brother Billy (Darryl Hickman) to follow him to the plane. Judy and Ben are recovering in the cabin. Rod’s housekeeper Beulah (Louise Beavers) accidentally tells her that Smokey is missing.

Smokey is watching the evil Mort Gunning and Blackie Fargo training a dog to jump into a fox pen practicing to grab a fox and jump back over the fence. The dog just isn’t getting it. Smokey sees him being fed and since he’s hungry he steps in and shows them how it’s done.

Judy put a five hundred dollar reward out to find Smokey. Gunning thinks the dog is worth a hundred grand because of all the foxes he can steal for their pelts. Gunning goes to Freeman’s place with Smokey’s collar. He says the dog was killed by wolves. Shadow smells Smokey’s scent on Gunning and jumps him. Rod breaks it up.

That night Shadow goes in search of Smokey. Smokey is busy raiding fox farms and making Gunning and Blackie very happy. The townspeople blame wolves but Gunning blames Shadow. Looks like it’s up to Shadow to save Smokey from a life of crime.

Darryl Hickman is the older brother of Dwayne “Dobie Gillis” Hickman and has had a long movie and TV career.

Shadow appeared in a number of movies as Grey Shadow. Smokey’s career never got off the ground.


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