Sykes (1972-79)


Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques play twins who live together. They have fun getting on their neighbor Charles Brown’s nerves and they also have some fun with the local constable. The series has a lot of silly moments especially the conversations the two have with Peter, the cuckoo in the clock. When the original neighbor died he was replaced in 1975.

Opening episode:September 14,1972 – “Burglary” –  A burglar is hitting the neighborhood. The Sykes’ obnoxious neighbor Charles Brown has his picture in the paper and can’t wait to show off to Eric and Hattie. Eric tries some one-upmanship. He claims to have a valuable pearl locked up in the basement. Brown says only the quality people in the area have been burgled. Eric says they haven’t been victims because they have a vicious dog named Nero.

Brown keeps insisting on seeing the dog. Finally Eric buys a sound effects record. Hattie plays it when Eric comes home. While Brown looks on Eric pretends to tell the dog that it’s him and so he can get through the door.

Eric and Hattie have fun with the record and pretend to train a dog. The disc starts off with farm animals. Brown complains that Nero is disturbing his cat. He keeps insisting on seeing the dog.

One day when Eric comes home he hears the record. Inside he takes the tone arm off it and the barking continues. He goes to the kitchen to investigate and gets his leg bitten. He didn’t know Hattie bought a real dog.

Eric says dogs never liked him but Hattie says he should try with this one. He arms himself with a chair and goes into the kitchen. He comes back out with most of the chair missing.

Eric is happy later when Nero gets out and chases Brown’s cat up a tree. Brown reports Eric to the constable. The two of them stagger in after the dog attacked them. The constable asks for their dog license. Of course they don’t have one. They now have overnight to train the dog.

That doesn’t work too well as they have to barricade themselves in Hattie’s bedroom for the night. The next morning they go downstairs and get a few surprises.

The episode isn’t too bad although the using the sounds effects record bit goes on too long.


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2 Responses to Sykes (1972-79)

  1. dfordoom says:

    I’ve always considered Eric Sykes to be one of the greats of British comedy.

  2. vintage45 says:

    He’s on my faborites list along with Ronnie Barker

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