The Silver Theatre (The Bigelow Theatre) (Hollywood Half Hour) (1949-50)

Conrad Nagel

Conrad Nagel

Conrad Nagel hosted thirty-nine episodes of this anthology series usually containing romantic dramas.

May 29,1950 episode: “Closeup” w/Donald Woods and Ann Dvorak – Alfred (John Gallaudet) needs money so his daughter Josie can spend some time in Phoenix for health reasons. He tells his wife Shirley (Ann Dvorak) he tried to get an advance at work. No luck. His luck is even worse with his brother and at the bank.

Leaning against a lamp post a man named Richard (Donald Woods) bumps into him. His wallet comes loose. a passerby picks it up and hands it to Alfred thinking it’s his. There’s some big bucks inside and Alfred goes to the train station and buys a ticket for Josie.

At his club Richard notices the wallet’s gone. He tells his friend George (Thurston Hall) there was a letter inside from his estranged wife Jane. They’ve been apart for a year but Jane is in town for a night. If he wants to get back together she wrote to say when  and where to meet her. If he doesn’t show she’ll figure he’s not interested and leave town. Her address is in the letter. Richard can’t remember it.

Richard is frantic and thinks he left the wallet somewhere. He calls around but doesn’t have any luck. George suggests putting an ad in the paper so if anyone found it they would know where to return it. Richard goes home to wait.

Meanwhile Alfred goes home and fesses up to Shirley. Richard’s home address is in the wallet. He heads over while Shirley calls ahead. No answer (The coin is returned but in a script lapse Shirley doesn’t pick it back up from the slot).

Alfred is outside Richard’s door. No one home. Then Richard gets off the elevator and goes to his apartment. Alfred starts to leave but finally knocks on the door. Richard recognizes him and Alfred returns the wallet….without the money. Richard doesn’t care. His mind is on the letter. When he finds it he rushes out. Alfred keeps saying there wasn’t any money in it. That doesn’t last long as he confesses and gives Richard the train ticket to cash in. Richard hurries off.

Back home he tells Shirley what he did. It all comes to an unrealistic.feel good ending,

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