Viva Cisco Kid (1940)

viva cisco kid 1940

Really bad as Cesar Romero is over the top annoying with an exagarated accent and attempts at light hearted comedy that doesn’t work for a second. He made six Cisco Kid movies. Chris-Pin Martin is his obese sidekick Gordito who is always looking for something to eat. Mantan Moreland has a bit role as the bad guys cook Memphis. Stanley Fields is Boss a crook that’s never far away from a dribble glass and a ring that squirts water.

Cisco is one step ahead of American soldiers as he and Gordito ride out of town. Gordito was about to get married but Cisco stopped that. They spot a stage hold up in progress. Cisco decides to break it up after he sees a female passenger. The outlaws want the twenty-five thousand dollars in cash that’s in the strongbox. When they open it there’s nothing inside but rocks. Cisco makes the trio give back valuables they stole from the pasengers and the bad guys ride off.

Cisco and Gordito take the stage into the town of Towash. The girl, Joan Allen (Jean Rogers), sits up front with Cisco. The money was actually hidden under the driver’s seat. It’s put in a safe at the express office. Outlaw Hank Gunther tells Jesse Allen to get the money back. Hee finds out his daughter is back in town.

Cisco and Gordito take Joan to her father’s ranch. Cisco tries some sweet talk. Then he says he’s no good for her because he’s the Cisco Kid. She never heard of him. He and Gordito agree to ride out for Arizona.

Moses, a traveling preacher sees Jesse hold up the express office and tells the sheriff he can identify the crook. He says he saw him with Joan at the ranch when he stopped by for some grub. The posse takes off after Jesse but he gets away. Hank knows Moses can point out Jesse so he kills him. Jesse takes off with the money. He tells Joan he intends to return it.

Cisco and Gordito come across Joan on their way out and end up being captured by the posse. Joan says Cisco was the man with her at the ranch. Then some of the men show up with Moses’ body. That almost gets Cisco strung up. He and Gordito escape.

Hank and his boys nab Joan and take her to the Sugar Loaf Mine. It’s a cover for the Boss. He likes to play practical jokes and laugh at all of them. He even has a bucket of water set up over a door to soak whoever comes in. Cisco and Gordito show up and convince him they know some of his friends from another town.

Boss excepts them and even wants them to join the gang. He has fun with Gordito giving him some rubber chicken and of course he gets the bucket of water over his head. He buys Cisco’s story that he killed Jesse. Joan also believes him. He hands over the money to Boss.

Cisco is just about to rescue Joan when Hank and the boys come back. They’ve got a very alive Jesse. What happens next is totally unbelievable.  Cisco, Gordito, Jesse and Joan are all trapped in a mine. Looks like they’re done for.

The whole thing is a waste of time.


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