The Flaming Signal (1933)

the flaming signal 1933

Not to be missed. Flash the dog gets top billing over the humans. It comes across as if he also wrote and directed it.

Lt.James Robbins (John David Horsley) is going to fly non stop from L.A. to Hawaii. Too bad he’ll have to leave his pal Flash home. Flash is locked up so he won’t interfere. While Jim is signing his autograph on the leg of a French fan Flash grabs a parachute and sneaks on board.

Jim flies into a thunderstorm and crashes in the water off an island miles from Hawaii. Flash parachuted out and he’s okay. He runs to a lake and sees a skinny dipping blonde. He runs back to check on Jim who managed to drag himself onto the shore.

The blonde gets dressed. Since this is pre-code Hollywood we can definitely see she really was skinny dipping. Her name is Sally (Marceline Day). She’s the daughter of the Reverend James. Flash gets Sally and Jim together. She tells him a boat only stops once a month and there’s no communication. The island doesn’t have a hotel, just a trading post run by the sleazy, drunken Otto Von Krantz (Noah Beery).

The natives make a living pearl diving. Taku finds a big one and takes it to Otto to sell. Otto plays him cheap but he has to take it. He says he’s marrying Rari. She’s the daughter of Chief Manu (Micha Auer). Taku says he wants to save the money to build a big house. Otto, with help from bartender Molly, plies him with booze and the money comes back across the counter.

Three days go by and Jim, Molly and Flash are on the beach watching the natives dance. Back at Otto’s Rari comes in looking for Taku. Otto, drunk as usual, says he’s in his office lying down. Rari goes in and Otto attacks her. She runs out to the beach and tells everyone what happened. Manu isn’t happy and leads the group to Otto’s.

Manu orders Otto off the island on the next boat and tells him not to come back. Otto pulls a gun and shoots him dead. The natives carry him out. They’re going to perform a ritual that will bring him back. Otto and company are trapped in the bar. Jim gives Flash a torch to go out and light a signal fire. Good German Shepard that he is Flash comes through.

Of course Manu’s back and the Reverend James goes to talk to him. Otto, still drunk, has plans of his own. Flash has to take things into his own paws.

The first half is a chore but there’s a lot of unintended fun in the second half. Noah Berry’s drunk act just doesn’t stop.

Flash made a few movies and some shorts but his career never caught on. Rin Tin Tin must have stolen his thunder.

Flash gets ready for his closeup

Flash gets ready for his closeup



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