Secret People (1952)

secret people 1952

Very good movie about a woman who gets mixed up in an assassination plot. Her innocent younger sister wants to be a ballet dancer and is played by Audrey Hepburn in her first major part before her breakout in “Roman Holiday.”

London: 1930: Anselmo owns a cafe and rooming house in London. His good friend is mixed up in politics in his country. He sends his two young daughters to Anselmo to look after. They are Maria and Nora. Maria’s boyfriend Louis works with her father in their campaign against the dictator General Galbern.  A package arrives for Maria (Valentina Cortese) that contains her father’s pen and some other items. She knows that means he’s dead.

1937: Anselmo takes the girls out for a weekend in Paris. Galbren is making an appearance at the British Pavilion. Maria runs into Louis. He’s a member of a group that plans to assassinate Galbren. Louis will be in London soon. So is Galbren. Louis arranges an audition for Nora (Audrey Hepburn). A big party is being held for Galbren’s visit and the organiziers are looking for a dancer. She gets the job. No one is supposed to know Louis’ role in it all but word slips out to Nora.

Louis convinces Maria to carry in her purse a cigarette case that’s a bomb. A man will approach her with a code phrase. She’ll give him the bomb. She hesitates but finally agrees. Later that night the girls get home early. The bomb went off after the General left his table and a waitress was killed and a Scotland Yard detective injured.

Maria can’t handle it. Louis takes her to meet the group. They don’t trust her and keep in the shadows. They warn her that she’s a part of everything now. Scotland Yard calls her down to thank her for taking care of the wounded detective.

At the Yard they show her what’s left of the cigarette case. She confesses. The police know they have to keep her under their protection.

Good suspense and some plot twists to come. This is one worth seeking out.


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