Betrayed Women (1955)

betrayed women 1955

Even though it’s fake it’s still poetic justice to see so many bad actresses in prison. Too bad there wasn’t room for the “writers.” What do you expect when one of the main characters is Two Gun Honey Blake. That’s not to say it isn’t fun….if you like totally inept productions. If you’re looking for some weird kind of sex appeal, keep going.

Ex pug Baby Face shoots it out with the coppers. His moll, Two Gun Honey Blake (Beverly Michaels) is tossed into the State Prison for Women. It’s not a country club. Jeff Darrell (Tom Drake) is an attorney representing the Governor. He’s going to change things. Head Matron Ballard says she’ll believe it when the budget gets increased.

Honey is brought in and Jeff is upset at the way she’s shoved around. Ballard says he doesn’t know how tough these women are and how you have to treat them.  Ballard’s secretary is prisoner Nora Collins (Peggy Knudson). She was Jeff’s fiancee before he wouldn’t stand by her when she committed perjury and ended up here.

Head Guard Darcy knows how to treat ’em. She tosses Honey into solitary on bread and water. Jeff convinces Ballard to let her out. Ballard tells Collins to report to her about everything Honey does and says. First night in the barracks Honey gets into it with Kate Morrison (Carole Matthews). She’s in because her gangster boyfriend killed a man during a fifty thousand dollar robbery. Kate knows where the money is hidden.

Honey drops it on her that her boyfriend Joe is married. She’s not buying it and the brawl is on.  Kate finally realizes she’s telling the truth. Darcy makes it lights out an hour early. Kate slips out and meets Ballard’s dimwitted brother Cletus. He’s in charge of the hound dogs. She convinces him to sneak her out in his car for a ride.

Darcy calls for a bedcheck. No Kate. She has everyone go outside in the cold. No info, no relief. Now here come two motorcycle cops escorting Cletus back through the gates. Ballard orders Cletus to turn a high powered hose on Kate. That’ll show her. Honey’s had enough. She grabs the hose and turns it on Ballard. Darcy hits her over the head and Honey is in the dispensary.

Nora visits Honey and Kate and Darcy tells them Nora was told to inform on Honey. Kate spreads the word that Nora is a stoolie. Darcy drags Honey off for six months in solitary. Nora goes back to the office and calls Jeff. He’s no help….again.

Darcy catches her and works her over and now Nora is in the dispensary. She tells Kate in front of Darcy that Darcy is a trustee and not a guard. She’s in for maltreating patients when she was a nurse. Kate is now convinced that Nora is okay and tells her of a planned prison break.

It doesn’t all go as planned. Kate stole the key to solitary and told Honey to get out it two minutes. She says she doesn’t have a watch and Kate suggests counting to sixty twice. Honey must have been a math major because she does it. She hits a cop over the head, steals his gun and takes him hostage.

Jeff shows up and says a lot of reforms will be in effect that very day. The girls aren’t buying it. They let the hostage go, keep the gun and then grab the car, Ballard and Jeff and take off. Kate’s boyfriend Joe sees the story on TV and knows Kate is heading for the fifty grand. He’s been digging all over Kate’s mother’s farm and can’t find it. He decides to go out there and meet Kate.

Kate shows them a shortcut which ends up getting the car trapped in the mud. She takes off leaving everyone behind. Almost hard to believe but the “acting” and “writing” get even worse. This has to be seen to be believed.


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