Tip On A Dead Jockey (1957)

tip on a dead jockey 1957

Dull attempt at suspense that lands with a resounding thud. With at least a half hour edited out it may have had a chance….a very small chance. With the way it is now it’s a good cure for insomnia.

Phyllis Tredman (Dorothy Malone) is in Reno seeing a divorce. Her husband Lloyd (Robert Taylor) sent her a letter from Madrid that he wants a divorce.  She doesn’t have any real grounds she can live with so she flies to Madrid. to see what’s going on.

Lloyd was an ace pilot in World War Two and Korea. Now he’s almost out of money. He’s unemployed and has a houseguest named Toto (Marcel Dalio). Living next door is his best friend Phil (Jack Lord) and his wife Pacquita (Gia Scala). Phil tries to convince him his life style is destroying him.

Lloyd has a chance as a technical adviser for a movie company. He visits the set and the stunt pilot crashes. Lloyd refuses to take his place. That afternoon Phyllis shows up and lets him think the divorce is final. They’re all nice and friendly. He tells her that he became apathetic after sending men out on dangerous missions that never came back and he doesn’t feel worthy of any kind of relationship and that includes marriage.

In a restaurant he’s contacted by a man named Bert Smith (Martin Gabel). Toto instinctively doesn’t like him. He offers him twenty-five thousand to do a job for him. Lloyd says he’ll give him a decision after a horse race. Lloyd sold his one-third interest in a race horse in order to get the money to place a big bet on the horse. Smith hints that the race is fixed and he’ll lose it all.

During the race no one spots it but the jockey on Lloyd’s horse is fouled. He falls off and is killed. Now Smith gives him details of the job. He’s to fly to Cairo and back to Madrid with a couple unscheduled stops. His cargo will be an eighty-five pound box loaded with British currency. Lloyd is afraid to accept it because he doesn’t want to fly. Jimmy needs money for a big bribe so he can get a license for a car agency.

Jimmy takes the job. He doesn’t come back. Paquito finds out it’s a smuggling job and confronts Lloyd who is now living in a cheap hotel. She says she never wants to see him again and Phyllis reads him the riot act.

If you’re still awake there are some surprises to come but nothing to lose sleep over. It’s just a waste of time.



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