Camouflage (1961-62)

Johnny Gilbert

Johnny Gilbert

Don Morrow is the host and Johnny Gilbert is the announcer of this game show where contestants had to trace a figure from another drawing. Even if they knew the answer it didn’t matter if they slipped up while doing the tracing.

January 8,1962 episode: Johnny Gilbert is the guest host. An object, in this case a baby bottle, is hidden in a picture. Whoever identifies it wins a 1962 Pontiac Catalina station wagon. The show starts with the last winner Wendy Taylor to talk about how great it was to win. She also won a luggage set, a Polaroid camera. a combination grandfather clock-bookcase, forty-eight pounds of ham, a kitchen filled with pots and pans, a six piece bedroom set with mattress, twin cocktail tables, a shampoo master, a twenty-one inch TV, a dishwasher, a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica, an automatic range and range hood, a transistor radio, a one week vacation for two in Puerto Rico, a carper sweeper, a Pontiac Bonneville convertible and best of all….a sound camera and projector with a sound film of last Friday’s show. She acts thrilled and leaves. She has no idea of how much tax she’ll have to pay.

Here comes the woman she was playing against. They have a special prize for her…a walnut service cart, a coffee percolator and assorted crap. Her opponent is a housewife from New Jersey who just finished a physical fitness course. Now out comes the picture with a hidden kitten. Now Johnny asks a dumb question. The woman who answers it get some of the picture taken away. More questions. No luck….Commercial.

More questions. One thought the sacred river of India was the Nile. The woman in the lead gets to see what the kitten looks like. She can’t find it. Her opponent gets a free chance. She can’t find it. The Jersey housewife gets it. The loser also gets the Camouflage home game….Commercial

The Jersey girl gets a vanity table. New opponent, a homemaker from New York. The hidden object in the new picture is a paper clip. The New Yorker wins a TV-stereo-radio combo. Next opponent is a housewife from Flushing, New York. The hidden object this time is a hair drier. Out of time. Flushing comes back tomorrow while the other New Yorker gets a bonus picture because she has the highest score for answering the most questions…Commercial.

She has fifteen seconds to find a baby bottle for the Catalina. She doesn’t get it. She’ll be back tomorrow. Johnny closes the show saying it’s the start of the second anniversary of the program and mentions that regular host Don Morrow is on vacation….somewhere. Johnny does have a birthday cake with one candle. He and announcer Seth actually start doing the twist. Some daytime TV has to be seen to be believed.


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