Johnny You’re Wanted (1947)

johnny you're wanted 1947

A lorry driver picks up a hitchhiker and gets involved in murder and drugs. It could have been decent but there are a number of quick supposedly wacky comedy spots that bring it down.

Johnny (John Slater) picks up a girl who says her car broke down and she has to get to London. Along the way he stops at a noisy roadside diner for some coffee. While he’s inside a car pulls up next to the lorry. A man gets out and pulls the girl from the lorry and puts her in his car.

When Johnny comes out he just shakes his head and drives on. A constable flags him down and asks him to go for an ambulance. There’s a hit and run victim in the road ahead. Johnny takes a look. It’s the girl. The cops get suspicious because Johnny was the last person to see her alive. Then it turns out she was strangled and was run over to try and cover that up.

In London, Johnny and a friend go to a theatre to see a vaudeville show. He sees the girls’ picture on the outside poster. The main attraction is Balsamo. He does a psychic act and sells horoscopes to the audience. Johnny goes backstage to talk to the manager and ends up on stage. He gets involved in an act with strongwoman Joan Rhodes. She challenges him to tear a phone book in half. That becomes a running gag and he’s keeps trying wherever he finds one.

Johnny becomes friendly with Balsalmo and his niece assistant Julie. The three go to the police station and Balsalmo identifies the dead girl as his assistant Ann. Balsalmo asks Johnny to go to a London Joke and Novelty shop to pick up some fake charms he uses in his act. More time is wasted as a mother and her young son shop for a joke.

Johnny tells Julie he’s going to play detective. He found a card for a launderette in Ann’s purse and he plans to go there and see what happens. Meanwhile the cops get a tip that some narcotics are coming in by boat. They pick up a man and a woman who are off a boat from Holland. She says she’s broke and took the job but doesn’t know what’s in the package. All she knows is that she was supposed to deliver it to the launderette. No one knows it’s the same place on the ticket Johnny found.

It just so happens there’s a policewoman who is a dead ringer for the arrested woman. She goes to the launderette. The man from the novelty shop comes in but doesn’t take the package. Johnny’s there too and that gets a cop watching from across the street even more suspicious of him. They decide to use Johnny to find the London drug distributor.

This isn’t anything special and maybe, just maybe. without the so-called comedy spots it may have been worth it. But as it stands, don’t waste your time.

Joan Rhodes is a legit strongwoman who also did some TV and movie acting.




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