The Gaffer (1981-83)

the gaffer

The series had a good following but that didn’t include me. I like Bill Maynard but not in this series where he plays the scheming head of a small engineering firm. He has to pull various schemes to keep the business going. His secretary Betty (Pat Ashton) observes it all with a combination of amazement and amusement.

Opening episode: January 9,1981 – “All In A Days’ Strike” –  It’s just another day at Fred Moffatt’s firm. He’s trying his best to get a new order but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.  Charlie, one of his best employees does his usual pitch for a raise. He threatens to quit so Fred offers him overtime. Harry (Russell Hunter) the Shop steward says everyone should get the same deal.

Turns out it’s just another scam. Fred knows the only way he’ll get that order is if his firm goes on strike. He and Harry make a deal. Harry’s father Jack is anti-union and isn’t a member. Harry wants him back in. The union has a different idea.

Fred calls another firm and orders one washer. The idea is to have the delivery van stopped by the pickets. Instead the head of the firm drives it in himself using his own car and no one stops him.

Fred has to keep coming up with schemes to get what he wants. Charlie says he’s quitting because his fiancee wants him to make more money. Fred’s idea is to get the firm’s stud to take her away from Charlie. That just draws some head shaking from Harry and Betty.

The episode is bland. Bill Maynard is miles better as the annoying title character in “On No-It’s Selwyn Froggatt” (1974-77)


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