High Treason (1951)

high treason 1951

British gem about Communist infiltration of Britain without mentioning the word Communism. This is straight ahead with no hysterics and it’ll hold you from beginning to end. Don’t miss it.

Percy Ward types up a list of munitions due to be shipped out of Britain. He goes to the newly formed Elgin Music Society and passes it on along with the date of departure. The ship is almost loaded when a fire is spotted among the cartons. Then there’s a huge explosion and fire. Nine people are killed.

Commander Brennan (Liam Redmond) of Scotland Yard leads the investigation. One of the cargo supervisors, Williams, is questioned and released. When he gets back to his rooming house there’s a man waiting in his room. He’s Michael Stringer. The cops get there too late. Williams is dead.

The landlady picks Stringer from his mug shot. He was deported three years ago. In an effort to find him the cops follow his girlfriend Anna Braun. They spot her meeting Ward at a cafeteria. Suspicion focuses on a small appliance repair shop run by brothers Jimmy and George Ellis, both war veterans. Jimmy is getting nervous.

Also a front for the group is a tutorial college. The cops aren’t sure what goes on there but keep an eye on it from across the street. Also on their radar is a new MP in the area, Grant Mansfield.

Anna calls on Jimmy and warns him about talking too much. Back at the college there’s a Party meeting. Stringer is all for killing Jimmy but is told that’s not their decision to make. George senses something is wrong with Jimmy and finally gets the whole story. Jimmy made the fuses used in the bomb that blew up the munitions. Jimmy then pours it all out to Mansfield.

Right after that meeting Jimmy is abducted and taken to the College where he’s held prisoner on the top floor. Brennan searches for him over a period of two weeks and doesn’t have a clue where he is. In his locked room Jimmy hears through the wall plans for a major sabotage event.

The movie has a great, action filled final segment. This movie is one of the best of its kind and needs to be brought back so people who are spy movie fans and fans of just good movies can watch it.


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