Giant Step (1956-57)

Bert Parks

Bert Parks

Bert Parks is your congenial host. This episode opens as Bert says an eleven year old boy will try for his eighth giant step. The big prize is a four year scholarship to the college of his choice and a travel scholarship. His subject is presidents of the United States.

First it’s a nine year old cub scout trying for his seventh giant step. The prize will be a week in Acapulco. The question has two parts. One part gets the prize, both parts give him the giant step. He’s shown the drawing of an insect. Part one is to locate some anatomical parts of the insect. Part two is for him to give the common names of the Latin names of three insects.. He’s given a short time to think it over. He gets part one. He doesn’t get part two.

Now out comes an eleven year old trying for his eighth giant step. He says he wants to go to Harvard and would like to visit Germany. Name all five political parties the presidents Bert names belonged to then he has to identify the party of each president Bert reads from a new list, the man each defeated and their party. That’s not all. He has to to identify the party of our only bachelor president. He thinks it over. He gets part one. He gets it all. The bachelor was Democrat James Buchanan. He says after graduating Harvard he wants to run for Mayor and then Governor of New York and then try for the Democratic nomination for President….Commercial.

An eleven year old girl comes out to try for giant step number six. Her category is astronomy. The prize is a set of bedroom furniture. The question is to identify two constellations. On Part A she has to name it, connect the stars which form it and draw a circle around the star called Thuban. Part B is the same thing and then circle the star Castor. She misses Part B. Commercial.

Bert closes the show. Any child below college age is eligible and can be nominated by anyone including their parents.



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