Marilyn (Roadhouse Girl) (1953)

roadhouse girl (marilyn) 1955

Comes across like a discarded paperback original found at a bus station. Older men who run rural gas station/cafes shouldn’t marry hot young babes. They get bored. But then when the new hire shows up….

George Saunders (Leslie Dwyer) owns a roadhouse in the English countryside. He’s married to the hot and bored Marilyn (Sandra Dorne). Sight unseen he hires drifter Tom Price (Maxwell Reed) to help with the car repairs. He makes sure he knows the rules. Local woman Rosie looks after the cafe and takes care of Marilyn.

It doesn’t take long for Tom and Marilyn to start fooling around. One night George comes home drunk and catches them together. He’s not happy. One thing leads to another and Tom slugs him. That’s all for George. They put the body at the bottom of the stairs. They don’t know Rosie is watching it all.

At the coroner’s inquest a verdict of accidental death is brought in. They think he hit his head when he took a drunken fall down the stairs. One night driving into the closed station is tuxedo wearing rich guy Nicky Everton (Ferdy Mayne).  He gives Marilyn his card and says he’ll be back.

Marilyn wastes no time making the place her own and even puts a sign over the door with her name on it. Eventually Nicky helps her turn it into a joint complete with booze. Tom is getting steamed.

Nicky isn’t getting anywhere with Marilyn. She’s too wrapped up in herself. She and Nicky spend a lot of time together. Tom is getting more steamed.

One day on a boat on the lake Nicky tells Marilyn he’s going to South America. Back in town Tom buys two tickets to London. He tells Marilyn they can spend a week there and use up his life savings. She’s not going for it. Tom is really steamed.

No problem seeing where this is all going. Now I’m steamed after spending a lot of time watching this.



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