I Married A Witch (1942)

i married a witch 1942

If you want an actress to play an irresistible woman you can’t do much better than Veronica Lake. The movie is based on a story started by “Topper” creator Thorne Smith and completed by Norman Watson after Smith died before he could finish it. Robert Benchley appears as Dr.Dudley White,a campaign manager and friend to Fredric March.

It’s two hundred seventy years ago in New England. Jonathan Wooley (Fredric March) denounces Jennifer as a witch and her father Daniel as a sorcerer. They’re burned at the stake but not before Jennifer places a curse on the Wooley family. All male descendents will have horrible marriages. Father and daughter’s ashes are put in the ground and an oak tree is planted above them so their spirits can’t ever get out.

The curse is working through the years and now it’s present day and Wally Wooley (Fredric March) is about to marry Estelle (Susan Hayward) and a big wedding eve party is being tossed. The curse is still in full bloom as Estelle will make him miserable. It’s timed to also coincide with the election for Governor which Wally is expected to win handily.

A thunderstorm is occurring and lightning strikes the oak tree and Jennifer (Veronica Lake) and Daniel (Cecil Kellaway) are back. Jennifer insists on a body and they fly past the Pilgrim Hotel. They set it on fire. It’s all to get Wally to rescue her from the burning building.

Wally can’t get rid of her and she turns up in his bed wearing his pajamas. The Wolley maid Margaret is shocked to find her there. Wally and Estelle’s father are out and Jennifer and her father come up with a love potion.

A picture of one of Wally’s ancestors falls on Jennifer knocking her out. Wally gives her the potion thinking it’s a glass of water. Time for the wedding. Three attempts but it doesn’t happen. Daniel sets up a revolver and shoots himself wanting to blame his murder on Wally. That way he can get the love struck Jennifer away from him.

Daniel brings himself back and ends up in a bottle of booze. Jennifer and Wally drive out of town and she makes a house appear where a Justice of the Peace lives. They get married. Daniel is now in jail, drunk. He can’t remember any spells.

Jennifer finally confesses to Wally that she’s a witch. He doesn’t believe her. She says she’ll prove it by using witchcraft to make him win the election despite the scandal caused when he was caught with her at the wedding.

There’s more silliness to come but it’s supposed to so just enjoy it.


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