Cowboys (1980-81)


If you’re a fan of the long running series “This Old House” on PBS, don’t miss this one. It’s about a small construction firm headed by Joe Jones (Roy Kinnear). He’s helped out by plumber Geyser (Colin Welland) and painter Wobbly Ron (David Kelly). Joe is one step ahead of bankruptcy.

Opening episode: September 3,1980 – “Ripping Out” – Joe gets a job from the council to rehabilitate a house. Think of the most run down place you’ve ever seen. This one is worse. Geyser wants nothing to do with it and it takes some convincing to get him to stay.

Everything is falling apart. Geyser goes upstairs and is nearly killed by a fall. Wobbly can’t open a can of paint. Joe points out that he’s trying to open the wrong end.

Finally showing up to help out is Eric the van driver. He was late because he drove his van through Woolworth’s window. Throughout the episode it’s one disaster after another.

Joe leaves and then decides to see what’s been going on. He drives up with his secretary Doreen who he’s been trying to score with. Wobbly is in the loft. Then he’s not. He falls all the way to the bottom floor.

The episode is loaded with sight gags. They aren’t rapid fire so they have time to get a laugh before the next one. The ending has Joe making a discovery.

This is a very funny series and well worth looking up.


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