Sun Valley Serenade (1941)

sun valley serenade 1941

Glenn Miller tries his acting chops, Milton Berle is a zany band PR man, John Payne tries pratfalls and wearing a reindeer sweater and through it all skating champion Sonja Henie is irresistible as a Norwegian refugee. Keeping it all together is the music of Glenn Miller.

The Phil Corey (Glenn Miller) band is trying to get an audition for a gig at Sun Valley. They’re having a tough time and at the studio another band is on the way to being hired thanks to singer Vivian Dawn (Lynn Bari). Then the bandleader speeds up the tempo causing Vivian to have a temper tantrum and walk out.

Before she can leave Phil’s pianist Ted Scott (John Payne) stops her and says what a big fan he is. Phil’s PR man Nifty Allen (Milton Berle) gets into the act and the band ends up getting hired after backing Vivian. They have a gig in New York before heading out to Sun Valley.

Things get complicated when Ted gets a notice from Uncle Sam. Thanks to a publicity stunt a while back he promised to sponsor a refugee. One is now on the way and he has to meet the boat and take care of whoever shows up. The band is there too and everyone expects a baby. What they gets is a babe, Karen Benson (Sonja Henie).

Karen says she’ll thank Ted by marrying him. His now girlfriend Vivian isn’t too thrilled. It’s off to Sun Valley. Karen is supposed to stay with Nifty’s aunt. She cajoles Nifty into taking her with him to Idaho.

Ted goes skiing and someone keeps passing him on the slope. He finally catches up. It’s Karen. Meanwhile the band is waiting for him to show up at rehearsal. It gives them a chance to play “In The Mood.” Ted and Karen finally arrive and Vivian is steamed but Ted is all naive smiles.

At the restaurant a jealous Vivian announces that she’s accepted Ted’s marriage proposal. Karen pretends to congratulate him. Then she concocts a scheme that ends up with she and Ted alone in an abandoned cabin.

The movie has a couple production numbers and some skating exhibitions from Sonja. Tex Beneke and the Modernaires with Paula Kelly are along for “Chatanooha Choo Choo.” Also on hand are the Nicholas Brothers and Dorothy Dandridge. Band members to spot include drummer Trigger Alpert and trumpeter Ray Anthony. The closing production number features the band, Sonja and the Six Hits And A Miss.



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