Night Of The Ghouls (1959)

night of the ghouls 1959

More hilarity from Ed Wood That is a sort of follow up to 1955’s “Bride Of The Gorilla.” Tor Johnson is back as Lobo. This time the creepy old house is occupied by Dr.Acula, a phoney medium. Of course if this is Ed Wood you know you’ll be seeing Criswell.

Lt.Dan Bradford is told to forget going to the opera. He’s being sent to Willows Lake. A while back a teenage couple was murdered there and now an elderly couple has seen some strange things….ghosts. Patrolman Kelton is told to go with him. He’d rather resign. He’s a bumbler so he wouldn’t be a great loss.

When Bradford gets there he’s being watched by a woman all in black. She’s the one that killed the teenagers. The front door of the house is unlocked so he strolls in and meets Dr.Acula who is never without his turban. This leads to one of the most hilarious seance scenes in any movie. The funniest part is that Ed Wood took it seriously.

Kelton finally gets to the grounds. He takes a few shots at the woman in black but they have no effect. Inside the house the seance is over and Bradford wanders around. He goes into a dark room and sees The White Ghost (Valda Hansen). He thinks she looks so real. Of course she is. She’s the doc’s assistant Shelia.

Acula figures it’s time to use the services of Lobo. He’s badly burned from the ending of the last movie. He locks Bradford in a room while Kelton charges into where the seance starts again. In walks Lobo. Kelton pumps a few bullets in him. That just makes him mad and he knocks Kelton out before leaving.

Bradford breaks out of his room and finds a casket with Kelton inside. He’s glad to get out of there. Due to all the disturbances Acula calls off the rest of the seance. He does get a check for ten grand. That’ll do it. Time to leave town and set up elsewhere. He’s in for a big surprise.

No surprise that the movie is terrible but because of the seance scene it has to be watched at least once.




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