Potter (1979-83)


Mildly amusing series about the retired Redvers Potter played by Arthur Lowe. His wife Aileen, who insists on being called Madge, is played by Noel Dyson.

Opening episode:March 1,1979 – Potter is retiring from the family business, “Potter Mints The Hotter Mints.” At breakfast Aileen says all she’s done for thirty years is talk to his pasty white leg. He keeps ignoring her and reads his paper. That’s how their life goes.

He decides to visit the business one last time., He has until twelve noon until he’s officially retired. In the parking lot the new manager is parked in his space. He insists the guard remove it. He doesn’t so Potter drives it himself and backs into the guard. He’s okay but Potter points out a dent in the bumper and tells him to park it against a wall so no one will notice. Then he pulls into his own space.

Inside he sees his name being removed from the door. His office is being torn apart and redone. He sits at his desk and uses the intercom to summon his secretary. Instead of the elderly Mrs. Hemming he gets a gum chewing clueless babe.

Mrs.Hemming shows up and has a gift for him. He opens it at the wrong end and it falls to the floor and breaks. It’s a clock. Finally it’s time for him to leave. He takes off with the office carpet. On the way home he doesn’t notice almost running down Aileen who is riding her bike. He asks what in the bag and she says library books. He doesn’t hear the clank of bottles.

While he goes into another room Aileen has a few large drinks and then pours the rest of the bottle into a water pitcher and puts the other in a cabinet. Potter comes in and has a seat and a bottle of wine. He talks about all he can do now that he’s retired. Both start getting drunk. Aileen eventually passes out.

It’s a slow moving episode that has only a few mild laughs and not a while lot of interest.

Robin Bailey, most noted for “I Didn’t Know You Cared” (1975-79) took over the role of Potter in 1983. Arthur Lowe died in 1982.


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