Battle Of Broadway (1938)

Brian Donlevy-Gypsy Rose Lee-Victor McLaglen

Brian Donlevy-Gypsy Rose Lee-Victor McLaglen

Loud and obnoxious madcap comedy that succeeds in being annoying from beginning to end. A simplistic storyline that induces yawns even though it is nice to see the legendary Gypsy Rose Lee. She’s listed in the credits under her real name, Louise Hovick.

Homer Bundy owns a steel plant. One of his workers is his former Sergeant from World War One, Big Ben Wheeler (Victor McLaglen).  The company is paying for the American Legion Post to send a drill team to the convention in New York.

Ben’s rival Chesty Webb from their army unit has been hired to be the foreman. That makes him Ben’s boss. Ben is going out with cafeteria counter girl Opal. The old rivalry starts again as Ben and Chesty get in a fight at a dance hall over Opal. Everyone gets involved as it turns into a huge donneybrook.

Homer ignores that because he wants them to do him a favor in New York. His son Jack is running around with a show girl and Homer wants it broken up. At the hotel in New York singer Linda Lee (Gypsy Rose Lee) walks in and all eyes are on her. Ben flirts with her while Chesty steals her little dog. He wants to say he found it as an excuse to go to her room. Ben and Chesty try and outdo each other.

After making fools of themselves Linda invites them to dinner at the club where she works. Jack visits the guys who knew him while he was growing up. Jack figures out his father’s plan and pulls one of his own on Ben and Chesty. Linda plays along to convince them she’s the showgirl. The real fiancee is Marjorie (Lynn Bari), a dancer in the show. She also goes along with the gag.

Ben and Chesty buy Linda furs and jewelry, all at Homer’s expense in an attempt to get her away from Jack. After all, Homer did say it was okay to spend money. He didn’t expect it would be this much. Homer goes to New York.

He heads for Linda’s room and her maid Agatha (Hattie McDaniel) tries to stop him from coming in. It doesn’t take long for him to fall head over heels for Linda. They even plan to get married. Ben, Chesty and Jack come up with a plan of their own to stop the wedding.

It’s all very silly and a waste of time.


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