Assignment:Outer Space (1960)

assignment outer space 1960

Agonizingly slow Italian SF movie about a reporter on a space ship who could get a scoop about the end of the world. Of course if he did, who would be left to read it?

Newspaper reporter Ray Peterson get assigned to spend ten days on a space station. Ship pilot Al (Archie Savage) nicknames him leech because he says he’s a parasite and Al is his pal…. sort of. Peterson leaves the ship and floats to the space station and meets with Commander George. No friendship there.

Peterson has a cocky attitude and is universally disliked. George gets word to head to Mars. Peterson takes it upon himself to leave the station and film the refueling of the ship. A meteorite passes by and he knocks a crew member out of the way. He also bumps into the refueling tube and loses lots of fuel. Now George really can’t stand him.

Peterson wanders over to the biology lab and finds Lucy. She’s the navigator.He endears himself by saying, “Oh, you’re a girl.” This is one observant reporter. She’s also the one whose life he saved.  He puts the moves on her with some stupid dialogue that would get him laughed out of any singles bar. Of course it doesn’t take long for her to fall for him.

For no real reason Al takes Peterson on a space taxi ride so he can film some passing asteroids. Back on board Peterson isn’t happy about the trip to Mars, especially because Lucy is supposed to be left off of the crew heading to Earth.

On the way to Mars they see a ship that’s had a better time of it. Martian gravity is pulling it down and they can’t restart the engines. From out of nowhere the Martian Moon Phobos shows up. One crew member jumps out and the pilot hangs in there as the ship crashes on Phobos.

The man who jumped out is still alive and Commander George goes in for a vertical landing. They bring the jumper back on board and are all of a sudden headed for Venus. Alpha 2 is having problems. It doesn’t like being in bad movies and wants to destroy the Earth in case there’s any chance of a sequel. It’s something about radiation turning our planet into a mud pie.

If you want to know what day it is the soundtrack comes out with “Deck The Halls” as Peterson and Lucy gaze at each other.

Okay. Back to saving the Earth. Venus just happens to have some remote controlled atomic missiles to shoot the Alpha 2 to pieces. Too bad the ship has a barrier they can’t get through. Time for Plan B. That doesn’t work either. Looks like it’s up to Al to save humanity. If he can’t then Peterson will just have to step up.

What no one can do is save this movie. Give this one a wide berth.



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2 Responses to Assignment:Outer Space (1960)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I have a faint impression of having seen this, but it might be any of a bunch of other Italian SF of the 60s. It seems like it’s got fewer good scenic moments, like crazy swinging space bar scenes or whatever, than normal.

  2. vintage45 says:

    No real bar scenes but enough on board stupidity to make up for it.

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