Sea Divers (1958) Unsold TV Pilot

Rhodes Reason

Rhodes Reason

If you’re going to try and jump on the “Sea Hunt” trend you should at least try to make it interesting. This thing is a bore from first second to last. No surprise it ended up in the junk pile.

Rhodes Reason is Tom Gorman and John Smith is Mike Gilbert. They take on jobs involving most anything underwater. The don’t make much money at it. Constantly annoying them is eighteen year old Marty (Jeanne Vaughn). The only reason she’s on the show is for eye candy. That’s it.

The guys get hired by Hilda Thayer to find the wreckage of her father’s boat. She says it blew up and there are secret papers on board she must have. They ask what they are and she doesn’t tell them. If she did they wouldn’t be secret, right guys?

They go the area of the wreck and Tom takes a high tech device of the day to look for it. At a distance a boat is keeping an eye on them. Tom doesn’t find anything but we get to see a lot of fish. Back aboard Tom asks Hilda for her address. Mike listens in thinking he could use it for other reasons.

That night Tom goes to look her up. A woman in the motel office never heard of her. Her jealous boyfriend (Richard Reeves) says he’s sick of people knocking on the door. Tom leaves and spots Mike coming along and hides to watch the fun. Sure enough the boyfriend gives him a right cross. This is the humorous part of the show.

Tom manages to track Hilda down. She says her father actually found an old Spanish wreck with a treasure aboard and a canister on the boat has a map to its location. They all head out the next day and Tom finds it. A boat is still watching them. Tom and Mike both dive down to get the canister. They have a spear gun. Suspicious of the boat Tom gives Hilda a gun.

Now comes the amazing plot twist that leads to an underwater sleep inducing action sequence.

Rhodes Reason appeared in dozens of TV shows.

John Smith is best known as Slim Sherman on “Laramie” (1959-63).



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