Anatomy Of A Psycho (1961)

anatomy of a psycho 1961

I have to wonder if George and Gracie had a long talk with son Ronnie about his choice of movie roles. Maybe they did since this was his last one. This also proves not to trust the posters. The picture of the babe is not in it. She is but not like that.

The movie is all about a teenager who breaks down after his idolized brother is executed for murder. It’s interesting seeing Burns play a high school kid at the same time he played a married man on the TV series “Happy” (1960-61).

Chet Marco (Ronnie Burns) is not handling the death of his older brother Duke all that well. He killed a man in a holdup and now he had to walk the last mile. Three punks confront him when he comes out of the prison after seeing his brother on his last night. A fight starts and Chet is hit with the bottom of a glass bottle and gets a permanent scar.

Back home he and his sister Pat argue. She says Duke was a hood and he was guilty. Chet doesn’t want to believe it. Quick flash to the home of Mickey Craig and his father. Dad was the witness against Duke in a closed trial and Mickey is upset with him.

Chet goes to his friend Moe’s house. He’s a Marine vet. A few other guys are there too. Three of them grab hoods to wear and head for the D.A.’s house with Chet. He’s got a hood too. They stand by as Chet works over the D.A.’s son because…he’s the D.A.’s son. They get rid of their hoods and run off.

The next day at Moe’s place they’re laughing at the headlines in the paper about the attack. Police Lt.Mac comes in wearing one of the hoods. Mickey comes in and wants to talk with Chet. He and Moe take an instant dislike to each other. He only came over to ask Chet if he wanted to go to a party at Arthur’s house. His father is a judge. No one else in the place is invited.

Chet is having girlfriend problems. His main squeeze tells him she has a new friend and they’re through. He throws on the charm and it seems to work for a little while. Chet goes to the party and there’s Arthur with his girlfriend. He’s her new friend. Chet catches her alone in a bedroom and it looks like he’s making some headway until Arthur charges in. She tries to stop the two from tearing each other up. Arthur bangs his head into a dressing table with bottles on it and runs out. She follows. Chet figures it’s a good time to set the place on fire.

Mickey finally tells Pat that his father is the one that convicted Duke. Then he proposes. No way she can resist that pitch. Mickey goes back to Moe’s and tells Chet about he and Pat and about his father. Chet goes nuts. Mickey is about to leave when he and Moe start on each other. There’s a knife on a table. By accident it ends up in Moe. Mickey takes off for a doctor. Watching it all is Bobby who thinks Chet is the greatest.

He may want to rethink that since Chet takes the opportunity to push the knife further into Moe killing him. Just as he planned, Mickey is arrested and tried for murder. The trial sequence comes across like an acting class exercise where everyone flunks. The rest of this disaster is even worse.

There’s not anything to laugh at here because it’s all just so terrible. This is absolutely one to avoid.

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