Target Earth (1954)

target earth 1954

One of the absolute worst of the 50’s SF movies. The boredom factor is way over the top. The script is so bad it’s hard to believe the actors didn’t fall asleep or at least refuse to show up when the camera started rolling.

Nora King (Kathleen Crowley) wakes up after unsuccessfully trying to kill herself. No one is in her rooming house and she wanders around the city and everyone’s gone. Oh..wait…there’s someone. Forget it. She’s dead. Who’s that guy? She’s not waiting to find out and runs…right into a blind alley.

The man is Frank Brooks (Richard Denning). The night before in between trains he was mugged and knocked out. They hear a piano coming from a cocktail lounge. At the piano is Vicki Harris (Virginia Grey). She’s getting wasted. Popping up from behind the bar is her boyfriend of ten years, Jim Wilson (Richard Reeves). He’s also getting blasted.

Frank and Nora make their presence known and they all chow down before going back outside. They spot a car. Too bad there’s a dead guy inside. Even worse the distributor cap is gone. Showing up is Charlie Otis. He says stores have been looted and every car he ran across has its distributor cap missing.

Now they spot a huge shadow on a building. Time to run into a hotel and hide behind the furniture. They find a newspaper with a huge headline about a mystery invading army.  Otis says he’s got to make a run for it. Out in the street a robot takes care of him with a light ray. If that hadn’t of nailed him he would have keeled over in laughter at the idiotic costume. The remaining four head upstairs and proceed to bore each other. Of course it’s been a couple hours so Nora and Frank have to get close together. She tells him she and her husband were arguing while she was driving and the resulting crash made her a widow six months ago.

Time to switch to army headquarters again. The movie keeps going back and forth between there and the hotel.. Lt.General Wood (Arthur Space) says scientists think the invaders are from Venus because….they just are. Twenty-four planes from bomber command try to wipe them out. Forget that plan. A team of scientists led by Tom (Whit Bissell) are working on a captured robot.  It’s always easy to capture one if it’s just laying there.

In one of the usual bad movie tactics of “Hey, let’s try this” a psycho killer breaks into the hotel. He’s Davis (Robert Roark). He’s got a gun and the hots for Nora. He wants to use the others as decoys so he can escape. Looks like he can’t convince Nora to go with him.

Meanwhile, back at the lab Tom may be on to something. Good thing because things are breaking down at the hotel.

This is so bad. Considering the cast you’d expect something at least a little better. No chance. It’s beyond terrible.

Richard Denning was in a ton of B and below movies. He made out okay on TV as Jerry North in “Mr.And Mrs. North” (1952-54).

At the sound of the clank run for your life

At the sound of the clank run for your life



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