The Nut Farm (1935)

the nut farm 1935

Very funny movie with the familiar story of a phony acting school in Hollywood and a woman who is flattered into thinking she’s an actress. Bradley Page is hilarious as Hamilton T.Holland. the head of the school. Wallace Ford is also good as the man who tries to stop his sister from falling for the scheme.

Tired of the cold winters in Newark, New Jersey, Bob and Helen Bent move out to California. They’ll stay with Helen’s brother Willie Barton (Wallace Ford) and his and Helen’s mother. Bob has been supporting them.Their landlord’s daughter Agatha is Willie’s girlfriend.

Bob wants to buy a nut farm and Helen dreams of being in the movies. While he searches for a farm to buy, Helen answers an ad for the Hamilton T.Holland Acting School. Hamilton (Bradley Page) he and his two cohorts put Helen through a phony audition process. She doesn’t know the camera doesn’t have any film, the phone has been disconnected and the furniture repossessed.

Bob sold his business back home for forty grand and Hamilton wants it as an investment in a movie. To impress Bob he hires some look-a-likes of Mae West, Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo to talk about  movies they’re making for him. Despite all of Willie’s warnings that Hamilton is a phony, Bob falls for it.

Hamilton has a script covered with dust one of his guys wrote years ago. It’s a Foreign Legion picture. Hamilton even manages to win Willie over by making him the director. Before it’s finished Holland says he’s run out of money. He convinces Agatha’s father to kick in another ten grand.

There’s a lot more fun to come. Even though it’s all predictable it has to be seen for Page as the sleazy con man.

Bradley Page

Bradley Page


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