Trauma (1962)

trauma 1962

This seems to run on forever. There are a lot of unnecessary scenes and it’s so slow it has to speed up to stop. A young girl is traumatized by witnessing her aunts’ murder. Years later she can’t remember anything about it. This has been billed as a horror movie. It isn’t. It’s just horrible.

Emmaline Garrison (Lorrie Richards) lives in the family mansion with her wheelchair bound Aunt Helen (Lynn Bari). There’s a storyline about Emmaline identifying a body and a killer lose in the area. She’s returning home when she frightened in the woods. The mansion caretaker Luther calms somebody or something down and so much for that.

Before going inside she runs into Warren Clyner. He’s been after Helen to marry him but she refuses. Inside she tells her aunt that she likes Warren. Okay. Time to retire for the night. Emmaline hears her aunt arguing with someone by the pool. Then her aunt screams for help. Emmaline takes forever to get there. She’s too late.

It’s now fifteen minutes into the movie and the opening credits show up.

It picks up six years later. Twenty-one year old Emmaline returns from Europe to the mansion and can’t remember anything about it or her aunt’s murder. She’s now married to Warren. He’s a complete jerk. He was her guardian until she hit twenty-one. Two days later he married her…just in time for her to inherit everything. Enter Luther’s nephew Craig. You just know the movie will eventually get around to Craig and Emmaline getting up close and personal.

The movie tosses in a storyline about a brain damaged four year old who was killed in accident when he was eleven. Helen blamed herself for it and was confined to a wheelchair ever since. Wandering around the mansion Emmaline comes across his room but doesn’t remember him.

Still another storyline. This one is about Warren being a con man who rooked some Las Vegas people out of a half million for an investment in a phony stock deal.. They want it back.

If that’s not enough there’s one about an extra room built onto the stables. No one knows what it’s for. Craig along with Emmaline are going to break a padlock and go in for a look.

If all this sounds confusing….just wait. Better yet don’t wait. Even better yet don’t go near this junk.

Lorrie Richards had the impossible task of carrying almost the whole thing. She appeared in a number of TV shows before this movie that said “Introducing Lorri Richards.” It should have said “Exiting Lorrie Richards.” She never appeared in movies or TV shows again. Too bad because she did have a lot of potential.



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