Dragnet Patrol (1931)

dragnet patrol 1931

His wife wants him to start making real money. It’s another case of be careful what you wish for.

Larry White (Glenn Tryon) and his pal Cookie are in the Navy. On leave Cookie and his wife Mabel introduce Larry to Millie (Vera Reynolds) who works at the pier. Larry and Millie end up getting married. Larry and Cookie leave the Navy and take jobs on a fishing boat, part of a fleet run by Jim Grainger.

After a year Larry is named Captain of the White Star and given a raise. He tells Millie and she’s not impressed. She’s tired of being poor and suggests Larry make some real money. He says he’s not a crook and storms out. It doesn’t take long for Larry to change his mind and start using the boat to run rum for the mob.

Unbeknownst to Grainger, his girlfriend Ethel offers Larry a speedboat. He quits Grainger.  Cookie goes into the racket with him. The money starts rolling in and Larry, Millie, Cookie and Mabel are enjoying the good life. Larry is also enjoying Ethel.

It’s a close call when the Feds show up with guns blazing. They’re just a little too late. Detective Clark’s (Gabby Hayes) boss isn’t happy. One night there’s a party at Larry’s He never shows up. Millie has a real good idea where he is. She’s right.

Larry and Cookie bring in another shipment. Right after the payoff here come Clark and his boys. No “Hands Up!!” from this crowd. They jump out of their car and start firing. The gangsters fire back. Cookie manages to get them both away. Larry gets a bullet wound in the arm.

Cookie gets back to Millie’s. Where’s Larry? Millie knows. She’s on her way to Ethel’s. It’s only the start of Larry’s troubles.

It looks like the film makers thought they knew where the audience would want it to go…and it does. The movie is nothing special but still a nice curiosity to pass the time.


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