Blonde Savage (1947)

blonde savage 1947

Pretty bad even for a jungle movie. The evil millionaire diamond mine owner versus the natives and….a blonde.

Steve Blake (Leif Erickson) goes into lawyer George Bennett’s office. It’s across the street from the police station. The place is Senobi, Africa. Steve says if a man walks out the door he’ll kill him. If a girl walks out that’ll be just fine. He tells George he wants him to defend him on murder charges just in case. George says no. Now it’s time for a movie length flashback.

Steve Blake and his business partner Hoppy Owens (Frank Jenks) are hired by Mark Harper (Douglas Dumbrille) to fly over the jungle and find a native village and then report the location to him. At Harper’s place Steve gets reacquainted with Connie. She’s been Harper’s wife for four years. She and Steve haven’t seen each other for five. While Harper is away his partner Berger overhears Connie hint to Steve about a real reason Harper wants to find that village. Since he’s not falling for her line she doesn’t say anymore.

Steve and Hoppy take off. There’s engine trouble and they crash land. They’re surrounded by natives. Back in the village out of a hut comes….a blonde named Meelah (Gail Sherwood). Her pal is the chief, Tonga (Ernest Whitman).

That night there’s a war ceremony and even Meelah adds a few chants. The natives go to Harper’s mine and come back as the walking wounded. Steve uses the first aid kit from the plane to patch them up and they’re all pals now.

Steve finds a twenty year old diary and it tells what happened to Meelah’s parents. Her father took in Harper as a partner in the mine. Steve decides to teach Meelah and Tonga English. Later he finds out her parents were murdered by Harper and Berger. They were going to kill the baby but Tonga ran them off. Meelah’s been with him ever since. Since Steve is a lady killer he and Meelah end up as lovers. After all they’ve known each other for three weeks.

The plane is all fixed. Steve promises Meelah he’ll be back and they fly off to Harper’s place. Connie flirts with Steve trying to convince him to fly her out of there. Meelah just happens to see what’s going on and doesn’t take it too well. She confronts Connie but Berger shows up and Meelah tosses a knife at him. She really needs more practice. She runs back through the jungle. Interesting how Steve had to fly back while Meelah just took a stroll through the jungle.

Harper has Berger work Steve over to try and get the location of the village. Hoppy puts a stop to it as he draws a map. It’ll take two days to get there. Harper has Steve and Hoppy locked up in his very own jail. Since this is all a flashback it’s no secret that they escape and get back to the village. Berger thinks they have evidence about the murders and runs off. This time Meelah’s aim is a lot better.

Back to the present. Harper was arrested on suspicion of murder and Meelah was arrested on murder charges. Steve waits by the window, gun in hand, to see who walks out.

This is really dumb and the only reason to see it is…..well….there isn’t any.




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