The Doris Day Show (1968-73)

the doris day show

Even the charm of Doris can’t save this from being one of the dullest shows to ever appear on TV. Doris is widow Doris Martin, a widow with two young boys. They move from the city to her dad Buck’s (Denver Pyle) ranch.. Also there is ranchhand Leroy (James Hampton) and housekeeper Aggie (Fran Ryan). At least that’s how it started. It went through a number of format changes but nothing worked.

Opening episode: September 24,1968 – “Dinner For Mom” – It’s Doris’ birthday and the boys want to take her out to dinner with money they earned doing odd jobs. They don’t know it but she’ll bring her wallet along just in case it gets too expensive. They figure it out and hide her wallet while she’s in the shower.

Doris is looking great and the boys are in suits. They have her drive to a place they found in the phone book. It’s a dive complete with flies and loud customers. Not one person notices a knock out blonde and two dressed up little boys come in and sit down.

They order three filets from the waiter (Leonard Stone). They’re five bucks each. Doris knows she’ll have to dig out some bucks. Now she notices her wallet’s gone. She figures it out but doesn’t say anything. She calls home but Aggie’s got the line tied up. She’s talking with a friend about “Gone With The Wind.”

For desert the boys order chocolate sundaes…just your average everyday bar food. Doris tries to get the owner to accept a check but he wants cash. The boys don’t know what’s going on. One of them asks the owner to bring out a birthday cake. Still not one customer notices anything.

The show sinks into more quicksand of stupidity. If it wasn’t Doris Day involved this probably would have remained an unsold pilot. It’s not that bad….it’s worse.

James Hampton has played many movie and TV roles but one of his most famous was the inept bugler Trooper Hannibal Dobbs on “F Troop” (1965-67).


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2 Responses to The Doris Day Show (1968-73)

  1. Hoo, boy! I remember watching the HELL out of this when before I started school (so 1980), and it seemed fine…for a FIVE YEAR OLD. You’re right, it doesn’t hold up. With kids, without kids, still unfunny! (Or am I getting it mixed up with The Lucy Show and its many revamps?) No matter–both could be painfully unfunny!

  2. vintage45 says:

    The usual ply line on the Doris show was,”Will Uncle Hank Change His Shirt?” It’s true that Lucy didn’t know when to hang it up. Flip Wilson used to do a bit called,”Staying ON Too Long.” Doris and Lucy should have paid attention.

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