Million Dollar Legs (1932)

million dollar legs 1932

Totally bizarre, absurd movie that must have influenced future generations of comic troupes especially in England. The movie is chock full of sight gags, one liners, running gags (one literally) and utter nonsense. Depending on your mood this is a lot of fun. All that and W.C.Fields too.

Klopstokia is broke. The cabinet is plotting to take over from the President (W.C.Fields). He can’t be deposed because he’s the strongest man in the country. The cabinet members arm wrestle him but to no avail.

Migg Tweeny (Jack Oakie) is an American who was in the country with his boss Mr.Baldwin to sell brushes. Baldwin is waiting at the boat for Tweeny so they can leave. Hurrying to get there, Tweeny runs into Angela (Susan Fleming) the President’s daughter. It’s love at first collision.

Baldwin wants to endow the winning team at the Los Angeles Olympics. Tweeny figures that way Klopstokia will get the money it needs. The cabinet calls on Mata Machree (Lyda Roberti) the woman no man can resist to make the entire team fall for her and get them at each others’ throats.

On the boat to America the plan works. Tweeny is having troubles of his own with Angela. He keeps trying to sing the Klopstokian love song to her but Marta Machree keeps getting in the way. They finally dock and then everyone boards a train for L.A. Too bad Angela’s little brother (Dickie Moore) stole the train and is the engineer. He takes them to San Francisco.

Tweeny manages to get the team to L.A. If you think the movie has been out there until now….just wait.

The movie builds from one scene to the next and you never know what to expect. If you’re a fan of Monty Python, Benny Hill, The Goodies and even The Firesign Theatre, check this one out.


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