Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1966)

jesse james meets frankenstein's daughter 1966No one is more surprised than me that I actually liked this. It’s not nearly as bad as the title suggests. John Lupton plays it straight as Jesse. Narda Onyx is campy as Maria Frankenstein. One of my favorites actors, Jim Davis, plays a marshal. The comedy is never over the top in your face. Sit back and follow it along and you also may find yourself surprised.

Maria and Rudolph Frankenstein escape Vienna and now live in a remote western town. One reason they moved into the old monastery is because of the frequent electrical storms. Great for doing experiments. They’ve had several failures and that’s caused the nearby villagers to get out of town. That includes Juanita Lopez and her parents. The rest of the family disappeared.

One little detail. Maria is Dr.Frankenstein’s granddaughter. Guess her father didn’t do much with his life.

The Frankenstein’s are doing experiments involving the brain. Maria just happens to have an artificial brain she brought with her. It was the last one her grandfather had in stock. She doesn’t know that Rudolph is injecting poison instead of digitalis to save their “patients.” He doesn’t like what they’re doing. Maria thinks she just needs a big, strong man to make it all work.

Jesse and his friend Hank Tracy go to see Butch Curry. His brother Lonny and Pete the lookout are all that’s left of the wild bunch. Butch wants Jesse to help him rob a hundred thousand bucks from a stage. He says they’ll split the money five ways. Lonny is not happy because he wants a third. Rayford Barnes plays Lonny. In 1969 he was in “The Wild Bunch.”

A steamed Lonny goes to Marshal MacPhee (Jim Davis) and tells him about the plans. He wants the ten grand reward for Jesse. MacPhee forms a posse and they’re waiting to ambush Jesse and the gang. That’s exactly what happens. Butch and Pete are killed and Lonny shoots Hank in the shoulder while aiming at Jesse. They ride off.

Jesse and Hank come across Juanita and her parents. Against her father’s wishes she takes the two back to her village to see the Frankenstein’s. Now is the historic meeting that the history books forgot to cover.

Jesse and Juanita start to dig each other. Maria’s not happy. She manages to experiment on Hank while Juanita spies on the experiment. Maria puts the artificial brain into Hank and changes his name to Igor. Looks like the experiment is a success. She caught Rudolph trying to inject poison into Hank. That’s the last thing he’ll ever do.

Angry at Jesse’s rejection she puts a note in a sealed envelope and tells him it’s a prescription for Hank. It actually identifies him as Jesse. He rides off into a trap. More fun to come.

The movie could have been trimmed by about ten minutes or so but it’s still worth checking out….really.


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