The Interrupted Journey (1949)

the interrupted journey 1049

Pretty good mystery but the ending may make you want to throw something, I was more than annoyed and it brought a good movie down.

John North (Richard Todd) is taking off with his mistress Susan. He’s waiting in an alley across from her house. As soon as her husband Jervis leaves for his nightly booze up they head for the train. Someone is following them.

In the station buffet they have some coffee and John spots the man again. Susan asks if he informed his wife he was leaving her. He said he couldn’t do it but wrote her a letter. He still has it. Susan tells him to post it and he reluctantly drops it in the box.

They get on the train and settle in to their compartment. John flashes back to the last conversation he had with his wife Carol (Valerie Hobson). He’s a writer who hasn’t gotten very far. He’s sold a few short stories to a magazine edited by Jervis but that’s about it. Carol wants him to take a job at her father’s chemical plant because the bills are piling up. He refuses. He says he has some business in town and will be back later.

Back on the train he’s having second thoughts. The train passes right by his house. Susan is fast asleep and he goes into the aisle. At one end is the man following him and at the other is Jervis. Smoke fills the aisle and he pulls the emergency cord and jumps off and runs home.

He and Carol are starting to settle when they hear a train crash. They run to the scene to see if they can help. John finds Susan’s body. The next day railway inspector Clayton stops by. He has a notebook the man following John and Susan had. Turns out he was a private detective hired by the railroad. The book has the initials J.N. and some detail that proves he was on the train despite his denials.

Clayton leaves and goes to the pub where he’s staying. John says he’s going to get some beer. He’s surprised to see Clayton at the pub. He gets home and sees a shadow on a bench in his garden and throws a beer bottle into the pond. Then Clayton shows up.

Later he can’t take the pressure. Twenty people were killed when the train was hit by another one as it stood still. He tells Carol everything and decides to confess to Clayton and calls him and says he’ll be coming over.Then at the same time in separate locations they hear a news story on the radio. The wreck was caused by faulty signals and not because the cord was pulled stopping the train.

Looks like everything is turning out okay for John. Jervis and the detective were killed in the wreck and he and Carol have fully reconciled. Then the bottom drops out. Clayton and a policeman come by and John is taken in for questioning. Susan died before the wreck. She was shot.

John is released and he and Carol are back on the skids as she thinks he may be guilty. She runs outside to the garden and then a constable shows up. The grounds are being searched. Carol looks in the pond and right next to the beer bottle is a gun. Before the cops can nail him, John decides to conduct his own investigation. He’s convinced Jervis is still alive and the one who killed Susan.

The movie goes along really well and then……




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