Blind Date (Your Big Moment) (1949-1953)

blind date

People wrote in hoping to meet someone that met their qualifications. It’s another adaption of a successful radio show which was hosted by Arlene Francis. After she left the TV show in 1953 Melvyn Douglas tried hosting for a few weeks followed by Jan Murray.

Arlene can’t stop smiling and is really pumped.

Typical episode: First out are Alice Murphy and her father. He was in the Navy for thirty-three years. He’s going to talk for his daughter. She sells rattlesnake meat. Here come the two contestants, Ian Weber and Tom Greeny. The winner gets to take Alice to the Copa. Ian is going into the Marines.

Mr.Murphy is sitting in a study room setting. He wears a blindfold. Ian comes in and the questioning starts. Ian was given a pair of slippers to put on Dad’s feet. He also gives him a cigar.  After a few questions times up. Arlene sends Tom into the kitchen for his interview. Tom is a psychology major just like Alice. Mr.Murphy makes him put on an apron and dry dishes. Times up. Mr.Murphy picks Tom.

Gruen Watch Commercial.

Mr.Connely and his son Paul and Mr.Conroy and his son John are next. Paul goes to Fordham. Mr.Connely goes into a backyard setting to talk with Dana Wyatt. He flirts with her. Then he says how great his son is. Times up. Arlene interviews Mr.Conroy. Now it’s his turn to talk to Dana. This time she’s behind a perfume counter. She tells him to pretend he’s his son. He tosses out some bad lines and then talks about his son and how great he is and that in two weeks he’ll be in the Navy. Times up. Dana picks John.

Joan Priestly and her father are next. Now the boys and their fathers. Mr.Burns and his son Ted and Mr.Lyons and his son Steve. Ted is on the track team at Yale. Steve is a athletic fan. The fathers go into a baseball stadium set to talk with Mr.Priestly. The awkwardly try and say how great their sons are. Times up. Ted Burns is the winner.

The boys and their fathers who didn’t win get baseball tickets to whatever game they want. The audience picks the best couple to see who wins a Gruen watch. Commercial.  The couples dance and the audience applauds and the applause meter decides who wins. It’s John Conroy and Joan Priestly.

Arlene closes the show never losing her enthusiasm.

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