Narcotic (1933)

narcotic 1933

You’ve been warned kids!

The best way to watch this exploitation movie is to skip the first half hour. It purports to tell the story of surgeon, GP, sometimes dentist, dope addict and snake oil salesman Dr.William G.Davies.

In college one of his pals is Gee Wu (J.Stuart Blackton,Jr.) who spits out more aphorisms than Charlie Chan. He likes opium.

Now Davies (Harry Cording) is out of college and works in a free clinic. He’s considered a big hero when he saves a baby after the mother was killed in an accident when her car was hit by a train. She was trying to cross the tracks ahead of it. He gets a visit from Gee Wu who can’t help but notice how tired he is from all that work. He takes him to an opium den and Davies is addicted.

One day he sees a sidewalk con man selling some kind of super glue for a quarter and that gives him an idea. He’ll come up with his own cure all formula and sell it outdoors. He calls it Tiger-Fat.  His nurse is his fiancee and thinks it’s unethical. That doesn’t stop him. She marries him anyway.

Davies finally takes the cure in a hospital but upon release continues his old ways. The marriage heads downhill. He ends up as a carnival barker with a few assistants selling his cure all. The money rolls in.

Now it’s time for the must see part of the movie,. The scroll tells us we’re going to see the rarely seen dope party. Davies and his new upper class friends have their choice of cocaine, heroin and morphine. The lines, the spoken ones, are so bad the segment has to be viewed at least once.

After this we see the deterioration of Davies because he may be able to get dope out of the body but not out of the mind so…it goes right back into the body. He sinks so low even the snakes go nuts.


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