No Hiding Place (1959-67)

no hiding place

Another good British cop show. They do have a knack for producing excellent police dramas. This one stars Raymond Francis as Det.Sup.Tom Lockhart and Eric Lander as Det.Inspector Harry Baxter. He left the show after several series.

March 10,1961 episode: “The Widower” – Henry Potter has his wife Stella convinced he’s a scientist doing secret work for MI5. That keeps him away for months at a time. What he’s really doing is using an alias and marrying rich widows and knocking them off.

After one wife dies Harry takes the ring off her finger and puts it on his. While the house is being auctioned off a neighbor, Mrs.Nugget, insists that the ring was left to her and she wants it. Harry tells her to get out. Harry takes off with a bag of jewelry. Mrs.Nugget gets the cops involved but they don’t see anything out of order.

He goes back home and Stella buys his story hook,line and sinker about being out on a case. He reminds her not to say a word to anyone about what he does for living. He’s happy she’s followed his instructions to stay out of his lab which contains plants and chemicals.

On New Year’s Eve he calls Stella from a restaurant. He tells her he’s at the office and needs her to look up a name in a reference book. It has to do with Edith Sudbury who is sitting alone. She’s a rich widow. Harry throws on the charm, uses another alias and they’re married. Stella thinks he’s off on another assignment.

Harry gets Edith some chocolates and it looks like she’s having a heart attack. Then it happens again. His next tactic is to fake heart attack symptoms.

Detective Sally Jordan is having some tea and spots Edith with the ring. Before she can run after her a waitress stops her to pay her bill. She reports to Lockhart and Baxter. Now the Nugget report doesn’t look so unimportant. They investigate and now have a line on Potter from past offenses and that leads them to Stella.

She’s having the house painted and is trying to decide on a color when the detectives call. She takes them to another room and spouts off about Harry’s secret work figuring Scotland Yard knows all about it anyway. The impatient house painter interrupts and she leaves to deal with him.

Lockhart and Baxter look around. They find the plants and books on chemicals. In the desk Baxter finds an address book and a bag of jewelry. The code in the book is easy to figure out.

This is a good procedural and is well worth looking up.


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