Island Of Lost Women (1959)

island of lost women 1959

Despite the title this is not a sex drenched fantasy.

Newsman Mark Bradley (Jeff Richards) and his cameraman-pilot Joe Walker (John Smith) are on their way to Australia when they have engine trouble. They spot an island. As they head for it a voice warns them not to land. They don’t have a choice.

Greeting them is Dr.Paul Lujan (Alan Napier). He lives there with his three daughters, Venus, Mercuria and sixteen year old Urana. They’ve never seen young men in person. It’ll take a couple days to fix the plane. Mark and Joe will camp out on the beach. Lujan and the girls live in a shelter run by a solar furnace. The guys are allowed in to chow down. The place also has radar in case a ship should get too near the island and Lujan can destroy it. He really wants to stay missing.

Lujan says he worked on atomic energy and when he saw how it was used he took his wife and three girls out of the world to the uninhabited and uncharted island. When his wife died they all stayed put.

Seeing a huge news story about the missing scientist Mark says they’re leaving. That’s when Lujan shows him his whiz bang pistol he turned into a flamethrower. He shows it works by blowing up the plane. He much rather stay lost thank you.

Mark and Joe ask Venus and Mercuria to give them tools so they can build a raft and get out of there. They refuse. Lujan gives Mark the grand tour of his lab where he makes a special uranium isotope. If he doesn’t check on it every twelve hours it could blow up. Hearing how angry their father sounds Venus and Mercuria decide to give the guys the tools they need.

Things aren’t going too well. Looks like Mark and Joe are stuck. At least Mark gets to fight a rubber shark. The ending is the height of stupidity. How anyone who calls himself a writer could put such crap to paper is a mystery for the ages. Even more mysterious is that someone was convinced to put it in a movie. This is a total crapfest.

Alan Napier had much better luck in his long career as Alfred the Butler on “Batman” (1966-68).


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