Randy Rides Alone (1934)

randy rides alone 1934

Back in the day Hollywood made a virtual ton of westerns. It took a while to sort out the good ones. This is one of them.

Randy Bowers (John Wayne) is an express agent headed for Ed Roger’s Half Way House. Outside he hears the player piano going. Inside he discovers Ed and everyone else shot dead. He doesn’t know someone is watching from another room. He sees a wanted poster for Marvin Black. It has a note on it warning the sheriff to lay off.

The sheriff and his boys, including Matt The Mute (Gabby Hayes) barge in and Randy is put in jail. They leave and out from the back comes Ed’s niece Sally. She pulls a cover off the floor in front of the bar. The strongbox is safe.

Sally rides into town and the sheriff asks her to identify Randy. He and his boys leave and that gives Randy the chance to prove to Sally who he is. She gives him the key to the cell allowing him to escape. Outside Sally is approached by Matt The Mute who writes her a note offering to buy the Half Way House. He just wants to be helpful. Sure he does. She turns him down. She doesn’t know he’s really Marvin Black.

Randy rides out to the Half Way House and joins Sally. The sheriff spots his horse. Randy ducks out a window and Sally hides in the back room. Randy escapes by jumping off a bridge and ending up in Marvin Black’s hideout. Marvin says he can ride with them. Randy says, “I Ride Alone.”  Maybe not this time.

Gang member Spike shows Randy how the entrance is dynamited in case the sheriff gets too close. Black finally decides to have Sally kidnapped and force her to turn over the money in the strongbox that his gang missed when they shot everybody.

Marvin has Sally locked up. When Randy comes back inside he plays it cool until nighttime and Sally gives him the strongbox key. Randy rides back to the Half Way House while Marvin drops his Matt The Mute disguise and demands Sally give him the money.

The Duke isn’t going to let them get away with it. This is fast paced and is an entertaining example of the early western.

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