Sarge (1971-72)


George Kennedy is Samuel “Sarge” Cavanaugh. After his wife is murdered he quit the police force and became a priest. He leads a parish in San Diego. The show only lasted one season but deserved to be around for a lot more.

October 26,1971 episode: “A Push Over The Edge” w/Vic Morrow and Marion Ross – Hookers are being killed and one of their shoes taken. A number is written on their bare foot. Letters signed Tammerlane are sent to the cops.

Eighteen year vet Lt. Ross Edmonds (Vic Morrow) is letting the job get to him. This case is driving him up a wall. His wife Joyce (Marion Ross) is concerned about him and talks it over with Sarge. Ross is screaming at the two cops he put in charge of the case because they haven’t come up with anything. Police Chief Barney Verick is getting concerned with his behavior.

At a bar, complete with that horrible TV version of rock music, Wanda Harris is sitting by herself. Stanley goes to her table  and says he’s a librarian. She tells him they should go someplace else to talk. That’s when her husband Vernon walks in. Stanley says he didn’t know she was married. He starts to lecture Vernon and that gets him hustled out the door and into his red sports car. He goes back to his place and we find out that he’s the killer.

Ross comes up with a crazy plan. Parade a suspect for the cameras in the hopes that gets the real killer mad enough to show himself. Sarge says that could get another woman killed. Ross says it would be worth it so they could catch him. He gets a lead when Vernon calls after another argument with Wanda. He tells Ross about the red sports car.

Sarge encourages Barney to take Ross off the case because it’s driving him over the edge and Barney agrees. Ross calls Joyce and says he needs time to himself and will be away for a while. He decides to keep working on the case and not tell anyone. He drives through the streets of the city and spots a red sports car. Stanley is in it along with a woman. Ross asks for his driver’s license. The woman leaves when she hears it’s under a different name.

Ross writes him letters and makes harassing phone calls. He also tries to get some hookers to cooperate in his plan. The episode comes to a great ending.

Sitcom fans know Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham on “Happy Days” (1974-84)

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