Here Comes Trouble (1948)

here comes trouble 1948

To call this one of the worst comedies ever made is too much of a compliment. The long slapstick finish may get a couple points for timing but it is an agony to sit through.

Dodo Doubleday (William Tracy) is back from the army. He gets his old job back as a copy boy at a newspaper run by his fiancee’s father. He’s Winfield Blake (Emory Parnell) who is on a crusade to clean up the rackets. His police reporter got roughed up and warned to leave town. Now Blake needs a replacement. He appoints Dodo to the job figuring it’ll be a good way to get rid of him. He doesn’t want his daughter Penny (Beverly Lloyd) marrying out of her social set especially to a dunce like Dodo.

At police court Dodo runs into army buddy Ames (Joe Sawyer). Ames made a lot of arrests, all of which were tossed out since none of them were gangsters. The head of the rackets is Rankin (Ben Welden). His front is a burlesque house. He phones a death threat to Blake’s house. His wife Betty faints.  Dodo is at the house with Penny and Ames drops by. Ames says he’ll take care of any mobster that shows up. Blake is at the front door and Ames mistakes him for a gangster. The end result is Dodo is thrown out and fired.

Rankin’s next step is to send burlesque queen Bubbles LaRue (Joan Woodbury) to Blake’s office to blackmail him about a tryst they had while Blake was in Chicago for a convention. Instead she proposes he give her ten thousand dollars for her diary. Along with the convention incident it has all the evidence he needs to bust the rackets. Blake doesn’t know it but Dodo is in the washroom listening in. He showed up early hoping to get his job back.

Betty stops in and Blake makes Bubbles hide in the washroom. Dodo makes her hide in the shower and Blake gives him his job back to please wife Betty. Bubbles’ big plan is for someone to go to the theater, hit her over the head and steal the diary so it doesn’t look like she sold out. Blake sends Dodo who borrowed Ames’ blackjack without telling him why.

At the theater Dodo runs into Bagsy the clown. From there he goes to Bubbles’ dressing room. Dodo has to hide when someone enters the room. It’s newspaper higher up Martin Stafford. He kills Bubbles and grabs the diary. To avoid capture he ties up Bagsy and puts on his costume. Now Blake, Penny and the cops show up. Let the slapstick begin.

This was a real chore to sit through. Don’t waste your time.

Joe Sawyer appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows and is most familiar as Sgt.Bill O’Hara in “The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin” (1954-59).

Joe Sawyer

Joe Sawyer



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