Flight (1958-59)

General George C.Kenney

General George C.Kenney

If you like fighter planes then this was the show for you. General George C.Kenney was the host. Lots of great aerial shots as each week stories are told from the files of the U.S. Air Force.

November 11,1958 episode: “Final Approach” – This is the story of a B-47 in trouble. The three man crew was on a test bombing run. It’s successful and time to head for home. Chuck the bombardier asks the other two if they want to go with him to see a Brigitte Bardot picture. They’re married and the wives probably wouldn’t understand.

So much for levity when they realize the landing gear is stuck. Pilot Bob Powell calls the tower and talks with an operator (Ed Nelson). Then they talk with a General who gets in touch with techs at the Boeing factory. They get on a conference call with a tech on vacation in Honolulu and another tech at the factory. They can’t figure out what’s wrong.

The wives, Faye and Sally, are called and told what’s going on. They don’t panic. The plane is refueled as the problem remains unsolved. There’s a suggestion that the three bail out. Chuck isn’t ready to have a three and a half million dollar aircraft smash up.

Bob decides to try a landing without the landing gear. Crews on the ground start to cover the runway with foam. One spark from the belly tank and that’s it. Faye and Sally go out to the airport to observe.

The episode is very well done and no hysteronics are used to up the drama.

The star of the episode:The B-47

The star of the episode:The B-47


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