Too Many Women (1942)

too many women 1942

Looks like an episode of a bad soon to come sitcom. You’ve seen it all before and will probably see it all again. It starts out like it could be mildly amusing but then sinks like a stone.

At a Red Cross fund raiser Richard Sutton (Neil Hamilton) proposes to Linda. They decide to wait until his income situation gets better and more steady. He’s been offered a job selling real estate but doesn’t want it because he doesn’t trust Gibbons and his agency.

Things get complicated when the daughter of a millionaire, Barbara Cartwright (Joyce Compton) shows up. She’s been after him to marry her. Then along comes Gwenny Miller. She’s a friend of his grandmothers’ and wants to marry him. He manages to get away and settle in at the bar. Gibbons approaches him and gives him the hard sell. To make him take his refusal, Richard lies and says he inherited a fortune from a uncle in Brazil. He tells Gibbons to keep quiet about it.

Back at the apartment he shares with Charlie Blakewell (Fred Sherman), Charlie asks him  why he didn’t tell him he was moving out. Gibbons didn’t keep quiet and everyone believes the fortune story. He tells Charlie the real story. Charlie starts to lecture him on lying and Richard sneaks out and goes to visit Granny.

Her doctor tells him to keep up the inheritance story for the sake of Granny’s health. She’s happy for him and says he can now marry Gwenny and arranges an engagement. She doesn’t know about Linda. He’s so upset he mistakenly takes some of Granny’s sleeping pills thinking they’re mints.

In that state he visits Barbara and is engaged again with her father’s approval. He also thinks Richard is a millionaire. Linda finds out, breaks the engagement and leaves town. His boss also believes the fortune story and happily fires him. Richard goes out and gets blotto at a nightclub.

He wakes up in Chester Wanamaker’s apartment with a bad hangover and it takes butler Bottles to tell him where he is. Also there is Lorraine, Chester’s fiancee. Now things sink into a lot of opening and closing doors, running around and general mayhem as Gwenny, Barbara, Lorraine’s brother Spike complete with gun, Charlie, Granny and the uncle from Brazil all show up. That’s all you need to know to find something else to watch.

Of all of Neil Hamilton’s dozens and dozens of movie and TV appearances one of his best known roles was that of Inspector Gordon on TV’s “Batman” (1966-68).


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