The Likely Lads (1964-66)

the likely lads

Fun show about a couple working class guys in their early twenties. They both work in the same factory. James Bolan is Terry Collier. He has a cynical view of life. Rodney Bewes is the straight man of the duo as Bob Ferris. All he wants to do is improve his station in life while putting up with Terry’s wisecracks.

June 18,1966 episode: “Rocker” – Bob decides to buy himself a motor scooter. Terry is at the dealers with him and warns him about buying something on time. He also has disparaging remarks about the scooter and Bob’s ability to drive it. Bob thinks it will help him get girls.

Later that day Terry is visiting Bob in the hospital. He ran into a traffic island and hurt his wrist. This gives Terry a chance to try his moves on a pretty nurse (Carole Mowlam). He’s not too successful.

Out on the street Terry spots their friend Carol (Patti Dalton). Her boyfriend is away at sea and Terry thinks this is his chance. Not paying attention he steps into the street to go to her. He doesn’t see Bob coming along. Once again Bob is in the hospital. This time with a bad ankle. He has to get an X-Ray. Terry tells the nurse he’ll take him. He decides to have some fun and pushes the wheelchair like he’s in a bobsled race.

Bob is starting to get used to operating the scooter and feels ready to take the test for a license. Terry says he’ll help him. He quizzes him on the motor code and then it’s time for a road test. Part of the exam is to see how fast he can stop. The test giver will at some point jump out in front of him when he least expects it. This gives Bob a chance for some payback.

It’s all mildly amusing and the series was successful and spawned a spinoff “Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?”(1973-74) and then a movie.



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2 Responses to The Likely Lads (1964-66)

  1. dfordoom says:

    I had no idea there were any surviving episodes from that series.

  2. vintage45 says:

    There are several DVD’s on the market including the movie.

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