So This Is Washington (1943)

so this is washington 1943

Fun with the hit radio show as Pine Bluff,Arkansas’ hometown favorites head to Washington with a new invention from Abner. A TV pilot in 1949 was unsuccessful but years later CBS won the ratings wars with their rural comedies, “The Beverly Hillbillies”, “Petticoat Junction” and “Green Acres.” Some ideas just need time to catch on.

Chester Marshall (Alan Mowbray) heads the Civilian Aid In War Effort Board. He puts out a radio appeal for the common man for new inventions. That gets Abner (Norris Goff) busy. His new idea isn’t going anywhere but a young boy brings in a slingshot made out of a failed experiment for a new kind of liquorice. Lum (Chester Lauck) and Abner decide it’s really synthetic rubber and head to Washington to see Marshall.

When they get there they pound the pavement looking for a place to stay. At the hotels even the elevators are booked. One clerk does a switch on them and they end up in the park on a bench. A cop chases them off. A man comes out of the dark and tells them where they can get a room. It costs them eight bucks but they take it. When they wake up the next morning they find out they’re in the display window of a department store.

Outside they run into Robert Blevins. He’s from Pine Ridge and has made it good as a reporter. Jane, the girl he’s always after is the secretary to Marshall. The office is crowded with nutty inventors with such things as gas masks for carrier pigeons and pencil sharpener size machine guns. Jane isn’t all that happy to see Robert because he’s been making fun of Marshall in his column.

Since Lum and Abner can’t get into see him they take a tour of the city. While sitting on a park bench they overhear a Senator telling a Congressman about farm problems back home. Lum and Abner solve his problem and end up being sensations as they spin hometown wisdom from the bench daily from 8am-1pm.

A man tries to see them but they’re done for the day and head once again to Marshall’s office to try and see him. In a little while they find out the man with them is Marshall. In his office they show him the synthetic rubber. Marshall calls for a press conference to show it off. Abner is about to mix up his secret formula for everyone when he’s hit on the head by a falling statue. Now he has amnesia.

It’s decided to take him back to Pine Ridge in hopes that the familiar town and its people will bring his memory back. Marshall goes with them. Abner thinks his name is Bud V.Davenport named after his BVD underwear. He also starts talking jive and thinks he’s in the commandos. Marshall has one day left before he’s tossed out of his office. Nothing is working on Abner.

Of course it all comes to a feel good ending…just like it’s supposed to. The movie is fun thanks to Lauck and Goff who make their characters very likeable.



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